1PasswordX vs. 1Password Chrome extension

I just started to try out 1P and installed the desktop app on my Win 10 system, on which I run Chrome 76.0.3809.132. I then installed the 1P Chrome extension (, but I also installed the 1PX extension thereafter. However, the 1PX extension seems to be the only extension on my Chrome toolbar. Are they mutually exclusive, meaning that I should have installed one or the other? Both extensions appear in my Chrome extensions manager. (BTW, is there a way to add screenshots to forum posts?). Thanks!

1Password Version: 7.3.712
Extension Version: 1.16.1
OS Version: Win 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Hi @jimmyweg! I'm glad you reached out. We currently offer two different extensions – the desktop-dependent 1Password extension and 1Password X. These extensions aren't meant to be used together, and the desktop-dependent 1Password extension will be automatically disabled upon downloading 1Password X. I'd highly recommend using 1Password X, myself. The user experience is fantastic, and we've gotten a lot of great feedback from users. If you run into any trouble or have any questions at all, then I'd be happy to help. :)

  • Thanks very much! I removed the 1P extension. Now, I just discovered 1P Mini, which perhaps may be even handier. However, it seems that, to use them both in one session (not sure why one would), you must log in separately to each. As you were kind enough to get back to me so quickly, I'll impose with an unrelated question: how do I create folders or categories (default or custom) to organize my logins?

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    @jimmyweg – 1Password X is a full-featured browser extension, but it doesn't communicate with 1Password for Windows at the moment. We're currently testing this out on macOS, so it may come to Windows at some point in the future. That's something to look forward to, but you're right in that as of right now, you'd need to unlock 1Password for Windows (1Password mini) and 1Password X separately. However, 1Password X will offer a better overall filling experience. It's absolutely up to you if you want to give the desktop-dependent 1Password extension a try and see if that works better for your use case.

    how do I create folders or categories (default or custom) to organize my logins?

    1Password uses what we call tags, and I think that's what you're looking for. What I do, personally, is create different vaults (i.e. Work, Personal, Old items) and treat those a bit like folders, then separate Logins by tags within the vaults. Here's a guide on how to use tags. I hope that helps, but I'll be here if you have any other questions!

  • Thanks again for your quick answers! The tags work perfectly. I also generally prepend a period (.) to the names of my most-used accounts so they appear at the top of an alphabetical list (Favorites may do about the same thing). I'm playing with 1P extension/Mini vs. 1PX. It is a tad inconvenient to enter your password twice, so integration would be nice. Using the extension, I can list Favorites and my custom alpha list brings up basically the same thing. I can't, however, seem to get a list of tagged items in the 1P or the 1PX extension.

    In 1PX, when I select a site and click the Edit button, 1P opens a window that seems identical to 1P Windows desktop program window. I'd have to login again to open the Windows desktop program directly. So, unless I'm mistaken, I can do almost anything concerning items in my vault from 1PX as I can from the Windows program. Therefore, the only online feature that I'm "missing" is Mini, so I'll have to play around and see whether it's worth running Mini when I use 1PX.

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    @jimmyweg – I hope you enjoyed your weekend! :)

    Your period idea is super smart. I wouldn't have thought of that myself. It sounds very similar to the way Favorites would behave, but whatever works best for you is the way to go.

    I feel your pain with needing to unlock 1Password X separate from the desktop app. It's something we're working on as we speak. I did notice you're using Windows, and we're not quite there yet since we're still ironing out the kinks on macOS. If you're at all interested in what the future holds, you can check out our announcement post for Desktop App Integration with 1Password X and 1Password for Mac. That should give you an idea of what could be coming to Windows eventually.

    To access tags in 1Password X, you'll want to search for the tag name. There was a time in the past where tags were accessible in the dropdown menu where you select your categories, and I think it'd be nice to bring that back at some point. It's good to know a feature like that would be useful for you. In 1Password mini, you'll be able to access tags by clicking the dropdown that automatically defaults to Suggestions. From there, you should see an option for tags that you can hover over and view all the tags you've created.

    Your last comment is correct. We originally made 1Password X for folks on Linux, which doesn't have a desktop app. We wanted to ensure that Linux users could do anything a Mac or Windows user could do, and that's how 1Password X came about. It's nice that it works without the need for a desktop app, but we also see where it'd be useful to have 1Password X more integrated with the desktop app (so they have the ability to share the unlock state, for example).

  • Thanks again! One suggestion I have is to allow users to set a permanent default as to whether 1PX opens to Favorites, all items, etc.

    I'm running into an issue that I'm sure is operator error on my part. If I have 1P desktop open, and I close it from the menu with the Exit option, when I next open Desktop I get the window in the screenshot.

    From here, I can't figure out an easy way to log in. I am on a trial membership at the moment. I end up going to my account online and having to access my secret code. I envisioned that, after exiting Desktop and then opening it, I could enter my master password and open the program (and thereby open Mini at the same time). Am I exiting Desktop incorrectly or am I missing the proper login procedure? Should I simply lock Desktop instead of using Exit?

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    If you click on Sign in to 1Password.com in that screenshot, you will be able to add your trial account to the desktop app. After doing it, you will be able to access your data with your Master Password alone ;)

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    Hi again @jimmyweg! I wanted to piggy back off Ana's comment and let you know that there is a way to choose which view 1Password X defaults to – All items, Favorites, or Suggestions. If you head to the 1Password X Settings page (click the gear icon in the 1Password X pop-up, then click Settings), you should see the following option under the General section:

    From there, you can select which one you'd like the pop-up to default to. I hope that helps!

  • I just uninstalled the 1Password X extension (couldn't find the feedback noted above or I would have sent this there). I use the desktop app because I use 1Password for a lot more than just Chrome. It's really disappointing that they're not compatible because the desktop app lets me use TouchID to unlock. But even unlocking that doesn't unlock 1Password X. And I don't see a way to enable TouchID for 1Password X. So I end up with multiple keyboard shortcuts and having to log in separately. My experience with X was generally just frustrating.

    Short version: If you use the desktop app, skip X and just do the regular browser extension. It will be a more natural flow and seems more fully-featured.

  • Thanks very much, Ana and Kaitlyn.

    If you click on Sign in to 1Password.com in that screenshot, you will be able to add your trial account to the desktop app.

    I upgraded to a Family account, and now the Enter password window opens as I expected it should, and the " new to 1P" window does notm appear.

    then click Settings), you should see the following option under the General section...I hope that helps!

    That certainly does help!

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    @onemhz: I'm sorry for the confusion. 1Password X exists first and foremost to run solely in the browser, so that people on Linux, Chromebooks, and restricted work computers can still use 1Password there. Only the native desktop apps can integrate with the OS though. So we're working to allow 1Password X to integrate with the native apps which can then in turn offer their OS-level functionality to 1Password X in the future as well. But yeah, in the mean time, if you prefer the1Password desktop app, you should use its companion extension:


    Which can be downloaded here:


    Cheers! :)

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @jimmyweg: Glad that Ana and Kaitlyn were able to help, but we're here if you have any questions. :)

  • "1Password X is a full-featured browser extension, but it doesn't communicate with 1Password for Windows at the moment. We're currently testing this out on macOS, so it may come to Windows at some point in the future."

    Please, please, PLEASE bring that functionality to Windows as fast as you can. It's so annoying when I have to type my super long password like 20 times a day. Unlocking 1PX with Windows Hello (fingerprint sensor) would be amazing.

  • For now, I use 1P with Chrome almost exclusively, so this issue doesn't affect me very much. Plus, my Surface Pros don't have a fingerprint readers, and I don't use Hello. However, I do want to access items in my vault periodically, and I found that I can do that easily through the Edit button in 1PX, as I mentioned above. I switched over to 1P recently and need to explore it further, but I'm curious about what I can do from the Windows app that I can't do from 1PX. Thanks!

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    @smnstrk – Thank you for the feedback! It's good to know that Desktop App Integration in Windows is something you'd love to have. :)

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    @jimmyweg – That's a good point! 1Password X is built to be a standalone extension, so you really don't need the 1Password desktop app. I'm in the same boat where I use primarily 1Password X. The only thing I'd think of using my desktop app for is moving multiple items between vaults since I prefer the desktop app's UI over the web app. I hope that answers your question, but I'll be here if you think of anything else!

  • Mid-January 2020, where is this at in terms of integration between the two apps?

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    As kaitlyn explained back in September, 1Password X is an independent extension that does not require the desktop app to work. If you want an extension that integrates with your desktop app, I recommend using the traditional browser extension instead.

    Otherwise, if you are looking for a way to integrate 1Password X with the desktop app despite the fact that it is completely separate, you can enable Desktop App Integration in 1Password X beta, the feature has been available there for quite a while already ;)

  • Ag_ana, I take it you're talking about Mac with regard to desktop integration. Concerning betas, are they updated automatically (Chrome), or must I download (link?) and install them? I'm running 1.18.2 - is that the latest? Thanks!

  • @ag_ana is this integration beta feature available in the Windows version of the app?

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    @jimmyweg – Yeah, betas are updated automatically so you won't need to reinstall after each update. That said, we've submitted 1.18.4.beta to the Chrome Web Store, but it does take some time to go through Chrome's approval process.

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    @KnnNike – Desktop App Integration is currently available in the 1Password X and 1Password for Mac betas. We don't have it available on Windows yet, but it's in our plans!

  • we've submitted 1.18.4.beta to the Chrome Web Store, but it does take some time to go through Chrome's approval process.

    1.18.4 just arrived! It seems, however, that I never received 3.

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    @jimmyweg – Awesome! I got the update today as well. The plan was to release 1.18.3, but we ended up sneaking in a few more fixes and moved right along to 1.18.4. I hope you enjoy. :)

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