when i run the command op list items --vault=Myvaut i get all the data except "Other Fields" values

when i run the command op list items --vault=Myvaut i get all the data except "Other Fields" values

This is a sample record
"uuid": "****************",
"templateUuid": "001",
"trashed": "N",
"createdAt": "2019-02-28T17:38:06Z",
"updatedAt": "2019-06-13T12:43:07Z",
"changerUuid": "*************************",
"itemVersion": 6,
"vaultUuid": "*******************",
"overview": {
"URLs": [
"l": "website",
"u": "https://w3.ibm.com/homepage"
"ainfo": "********************************",
"pbe": 131.2614924386442,
"pgrng": true,
"ps": 100,
"tags": [],
"url": "https://w3.ibm.com/homepage"

Kindly see the attachment file .

0.8.0 (build #80002) – released 2019-11-07


1Password Version: 0.8.0
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    op list items is meant to only give you an overview of the items. It actually already prints out more information than we want. If you want to get all the details of an item, you can extract the UUID of the item you want and use op get item <uuid> --vault=<vault> instead.

    Do you have a specific reason for wanting the additional fields in the op list items output?

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    thanks a lot for your reply .

    yes i do have , your solution does make since but i have more than 300 records in the vault so it will be very in-practical to apply the command you specified on each record i need a way to retrieve all info one shoot

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    I see. You can use jq to extract the UUID (and vault UUID) from each item and call op get item automatically:

    Example with for loop:

    for data in $(op list items | jq -r '.[] | .uuid + "|" + .vaultUuid'); do
        item_uuid=$(echo "$data" | cut -d '|' -f 1)
        op get item $item_uuid --vault=$(echo "$data" | cut -d '|' -f 2) > "${item_uuid}.json"

    Example with while loop

    op list items | jq -r '.[] | .uuid + " " + .vaultUuid' | while read item_uuid vault_uuid; do 
      op get item $item_uuid --vault=$vault_uuid < /dev/null > "${item_uuid}.json"

    It's a bit more cumbersome atm than we would like to, but it works.

  • Thanks a lot it worked
    only the first solution using the for loop has some issues in syntax but the other worked fine with some modification of what i need exactly
    Thanks again :)

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    You're are very welcome :) Totally possible that I made some mistakes, I edited some things after I copied it into the forum...

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