iPassword Mac not syncing fully with iPassword iPhone

I noticed some items missing from my iPhone version of 1Password. I tried syncing several times but 10 items in 'Software' wouldn't sync (I didn't check 'Logins'). I had to select 'Replace information on this iPhone' to get all items to sync properly.

What may be confusing 1Password is that I have two copies of the database: one for each user on my Mac. I had expected that syncing each with my iPhone would keep both copies up to date, but that clearly isn't happening. The iPhone seems to be 'tied' to the out of date, lesser-used second user (my Admin account).

I don't like the Dropbox method of syncing so is there a workable alternative for keeping both copies up to date?


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    While we do recommend Dropbox syncing since it is more robust than Wi-Fi syncing, we understand that not everyone realizes how secure Dropbox syncing actually is or would just prefer to not use it for personal reasons.

    In your case, you should be able to store your data file in the /Users/Shared/ folder:


    It is an advanced technique, and if you do not understand what file permissions are, I would very strongly urge you to use Dropbox (which will make iOS syncing much more robust as well since it does not need a local WLAN connection, isn't tripped up by firewalls, and is fully automatic).

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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