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currently a friend of mine and me are using 1Password private with a private plan.
I paid via your site, he within the apple store.
Recently we started working on some projects together and it would be nice to have a shared vault (or maybe multiple) for us.
As far as I see thats not possible with a private account.
We dont want to use the family plan, because we want multiple own vaults and with family is only one private vault possible, right? Or only with some tricks. To set up a shared vault only for one person and the admin could add himself if he wants to. But thats not how we want to solve this.

Are there private vaults (multiple) in the teams plan? Or do we have to pay two memberships each?
One private and one team/ business?
If there is a private vault in teams, does only one of us needs a team membership to share a vault or both of us to join the same "business"?

What would you reccomend for our situation?
Also, if we change to a differnt plan, how does this work or is it even possible to change?
Because I already paid for the whole year.

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  • JacobJacob

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    Hey @jona_l! That's a great question. At the moment, the only way to share passwords with someone is using 1Password Families, 1Password Teams, or 1Password Business. You can use a family account and invite them as a guest if you'd just like them to have access to one vault, or you can use a team account then invite them as a guest there. Family and team accounts both include private vaults. You can upgrade the account you have now to a family or team from its billing page anytime. :) Let us know if you have some other questions!

  • Yeah, I got some more questions. They are above in my original question.
    For example: Do we both need a team account? Do we have one private vault each or multiple?
    How can my friend change his plan? He paid via Apple Store.

  • john_mjohn_m

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    @jona_l Every member of a 1Password accounts gets their own Private/Personal vault; this is the only vault in the account that can only ever be accessed by that particular member. For shared accounts like 1Password Teams and Business accounts, anyone with management permissions on a user-created vault can assign group and user access to that vault; members of the account's Owners group always have management permissions on all user-created vaults.

    If having multiple vaults that you're certain the other account member(s) cannot access is important to both you and your friend, what you could do would be to register a 1Password Business account for your work-related needs. 1Password Business accounts include free 1Password Families accounts for members (; so with a Business account for work purposes, you and your friend would both get your own separate Families accounts that could be used for personal data storage... and as each 1Password account is its own isolated "silo", your friend wouldn't have access to your Families account, and you wouldn't have access to his.

    If you wanted to do that, the cleanest process would be to register a new, separate 1Password Business account ( You mentioned that you specifically bill for your current private account directly through ourselves; you could just link your existing account to your 1Password Business membership directly as per our guide here - your existing subscription value will be converted to credit and stored on your account for future use (e.g., if yourself and your friend dissolve the Business account further down the road):

    If your friend is billing his personal account through an Apple subscription, then he'll need to reach out to us directly himself to discuss the details of his setup via email:

    I hope that helps to clear up your remaining questions!

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