send a password without recipient having to create an account

Is there any way to send a password to someone without the recipient having to create an account. The fact that they have to create a master password and an account just to access the login information I need to send them creates a great barrier to the tasks at hand. Sometimes people do not want to go through the hassle of creating an account if they are, for example, doing you a favor for free...and they need access to your account, but you do not want to send them the login information insecurely. Hope that makes sense. I tried the "invite guest" method, and it was too much of a hassle for the person on the other end.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Calibear8,

    There isn't a way to securely share a password with someone who doesn't have an account within your membership. The only option would be to share the password insecurely (unencrypted) with them, which isn't something we'd recommend. If you opt to go that route we'd strongly suggest only sending it over a secure channel such as iMessage or encrypted (PGP) email. Once the individual is done with their task then we'd suggest changing the password.

    Locking the door may be inconvenient, but it is generally a worthwhile exercise. :) We'll continue to evaluate ways in which we may be able to make the process easier.


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