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  • SuzannaSuzanna
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    I also can't drag my logins to the tags, and if I'm having a senior moment I haven't yet clued in :) I'm working in Windows 10, and when I click on the icon associated with the login (e.g., Spotify logo) and drag the icon to the left frame where the tags are listed, the icon fades a bit and a black circle with a line through it displays over the icon. If instead I click on the URL associated with the login and try to drag that, everything from my cursor and above is highlighted in blue, as is the list of tags (from the bottom of the page up until the point that is in line with my cursor).

    I can, however, successfully edit each login and the tags column will populate. I only downloaded 1password yesterday, and trust I'm using the most recent version available.

    Edit: Oops! just noticed I'm in a Mac group. WIll post elsewhere. Sorry about that.

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    I moved your post for you @Suzanna Hopefully, it will save you some typing. :)

  • Thank you. I just posted, not having seen your note in time. Will see if I can delete..

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    I see that you have opened a separate discussion here. To avoid duplicating replies, I am going to close this discussion, and we will reply to the other one you created :)

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