Importing Dashlane passwords locally


I would like to import my Dashlane passwords, but it looks like we can't do it from the desktop app directly, is that correct? (

It feels a little weird that I have to upload an un-secure .json file to the 1password servers, is there any plan to add that functionality locally?


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  • Just to clarify, 1Password is doing all encryption/decryption locally in your browser. The 1Password servers never see the raw .json file.

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    Hi guys,

    That's correct, everything is done locally in your browser. There is nothing decrypted sent across to our service.

    @issamkhalil if you do not wish to use the web app, you can use this instead but it will require a lot of manual process;

    Adding support for more import formats to 1Password on Windows is planned but we don't have a timeframe. The way it works on the web and in macOS versions of 1Password cannot be ported to Windows.

  • Ah thanks for the clarification about it being done locally, that will work then. Sorry about the confusion, I assumed it would be transmitted given that I needed to use the online version.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    No worries, we understand the potential confusion and it never hurts to stay safe by asking first.

    Think of web app as a web application, not a website. The web app is downloaded first into the browser along with your encrypted data and then it runs locally.

    I'll ask our docs team to see if we can add that information on the import page.

    Thanks again for writing with your question.

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