Leopard/PPC support in 1Password (Mac App Store)

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Sounds crazy, I know, but is it really?

I think not. Surely you could figure out some way to build into 1P (MAS) the capacity to create one, and only one, unique software license code that is valid for 1Password 3.5.

Individual license? Family license? I dunno. It's commonly argued that a MAS license is more like a Family license than an individual license, but Agile charges the same for 1P (MAS) as it does for a single-user 1Password 3.x license.

Why a 3.5 license rather than a full-fledged 3.x license? Maybe because 95% or more of Macs that can run 3.6 and up are fully capable of running 1P (MAS). And maybe because I just posted something on a thread in one of the 1P/Win forums about creating a special version of 1Password 3.5 that can be activated with 1P/Win license codes. But there are lots of options.

—Ben F

p.s. Bundles (MAS + Windows, MAS + iOS, etc.) are left as an exercise for the reader.


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    Ben, if you purchase the MAS version you can always email us about getting a license for pre-Lion versions. That is a lot easier than trying to hack up some weird license issuing thing in the MAS version.


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    When I purchased 1P (MAS), I don't recall seeing any sort of notice about being able to contact Agile to get a 1Password 3.5 license code for my iMac G5. Maybe I missed it (I wouldn't have been looking for it, as I already have a 3.x family license). I can't find it in the FAQ either. A 3.5 or 3.x software license code in my keychain, on the other hand, would communicate things very clearly.

    Likewise a 1P/Win license code magically appearing in the keychains of MAS + Windows bundle purchasers, an iTunes Store redemption code in the keychains of MAS + iOS bundle purchasers, etc., etc.

    I have no idea what the technical challenges might be to hacking up a weird license issuing thing, or what manner of contortions might be necessary in order to avoid running afoul of Apple Store rules, but I would not lightly dismiss the burden to customers or your tech support resources of an ad hoc email process for distributing "downgrade" license codes.

    Also, I was under the impression that Apple would not disclose customer contact information to MAS vendors. If this policy is still in place, your support reps might not be able to easily determine whether a correspondent requesting a 3.5 license code is in fact a 1P (MAS) purchaser.

    But I'm not looking to start an argument. Just tossing out a thought.

    —Ben F

    p.s. I'm not personally worked up about having paid as much for 1P (MAS) as a new customer would pay. I recognize the value of the software and the work that goes into it, and I appreciate that it can't be maintained, much less improved, unless you guys can make payroll. But there are forum threads that will testify that it does rub some folks the wrong way. Including a 3.5 or 3.x license code in 1P4 wouldn't just give new customers the ability to run 1P on their older Macs. It would also give users who had already purchased 3.x licenses something to gift, and maybe reduce the number who might be feeling a bit ripped off.
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    There is an article for this on our support site. Several keywords are tied to it in addition to what it show in the title:


    For the [extremely small] number of requests we get for this, the amount of development time spent on a more complicated solution would probably be a pretty bad return on investment. I think the majority of our users would prefer we focus on forward-thinking products and features — did somebody say 1Password 4? :) — rather than devoting time to the past in this manner. We are more than happy to provide assistance to anyone who has a need in this regard with personal service. :D
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    Thanks for the info.

    I wrote that I didn't see anything about a downgrade license when I purchased the product or in the MAS FAQ. You've shown me that there was an answer somewhere else.

    I guess this is one of the downsides of having forum.agilebits.com AND support.agilebits.com (including http://support.agile...com/discussions). It's hard for some of us to see the big picture.

    The MAS FAQ that I linked to above was in the Forums. I just found another one in Support. This tidbit isn't mentioned there either. Perhaps it's just not a frequently-asked question.

    Anyway, as I said, I'm not looking for an argument. Thanks again.

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    The truth is that it is not asked frequently, but we are always available for personal assistance in order to accommodate folks in this and many other ways.

    All the best,
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