Feature suggestion: MultiProfile on Edge --> Multi Vault on 1 Password

Since few weeks I have started to use Edge on macOS as my main Work browser, why?
Edge have this really great feature of multiple profile where you can have multiple "session" of edge running on different account
(Chrome have a function like that too ... but not as well developed for me)

So if you pass the constraint to install the 1Password extension to each session) it will be really good to "associate" a 1 PasswordX vault to each session... so each of the account you are using is associate with a Vault.

the Desktop App is reamaining the central hub for all...

I know it's not a feature for all, as the majority of people are using 1 account / 1 browser but I can see this usefull for some ...

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  • ceceliacecelia

    Team Member

    Hey there, @mcnahum! Can you clarify what it is you'd like to see? It sounds like you'd like to be able to dedicate each browser profile to a different 1Password vault using 1Password X. Is that correct? If so, you can kind of do that! If you go into 1Password X and choose the Settings gear ⚙️, then choose the drop down where it says Vaults, you can choose the vault you'd like to see items for in the pop-up and it'll only show you items from that vault, in that browser profile. You can choose a different vault for each profile, and the selection will remain even after you've closed or locked 1Password X. Does that help?

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