1Password7 browser extension: what happened to the dropdown list of suggestions?

I have just upgraded to 1Password7. In the (much larger!) new mini extension, do I now have to 1) move my mouse all the way over to click one of the suggested items in the list, and then 2) move my mouse all the way back over to the "Auto Fill" button and click it to enter login details? In previous versions of the extension, a dropdown list of suggested logins popped down immediately below the extension toolbar button, from which I could click a single item and have it autofill — much less mouse movement and half the clicks. I'm hoping I'm missing a preference / setting somewhere as the new extension is, so far, significantly more annoying and slower to use. Thanks!

1Password Version: 7.3.1
Extension Version: 7.3.1
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @myxomatosis,

    1Password 7 has seen some big changes to the UI (User Interface). I don't know if it helps at all but if you're more a mouse driven user than keyboard one you can double click an item in the list view on the left to have it fill without needing to move to the AutoFill button. Does that help at all?

  • Thanks, @littlebobbytables. That definitely helps — still not as good as it used to be, but a lot better than having to click Auto Fill. (I actually do UI/UX myself. It would be great if you could share the feedback above with your team; the new app looks great, but this is a fairly serious regression in everyday usability, in my view.)

    You also mentioned the keyboard, and that led to me finding this helpful shortcut list. For anyone else who might now be considering abandoning the mouse, this workflow works well: CMD-\ (on Mac, at least) triggers the extension, and then you can use arrow keys as necessary to select a login and hit RETURN to fill the form.

  • Hello @myxomatosis,

    I do sometimes forget that not everybody knows about the ⌘\ keyboard shortcut. Many of us at 1Password have tee shirts with ⌘\ is my password so we can forget it isn't known by all. If that's new to you I think you're going to love it. If you only have a single best match for the site you're on ⌘\ will fill automatically without needing any further prompt and will only present 1Password mini if a choice is to be made. As you've also found the arrow keys and enter can be used instead of the mouse. I'd say ⌘\ is my most often used keyboard shortcut besides those in a small window management app called Magnet which I love.

  • Hey, @myxomatosis, I just upgraded and just like you I'm fairly annoyed by the double click. Did you ever find a solution or did “using keyboard” become your permanent solution? It's strange to me that this isn't a checkbox like “Autofill on single click on item in 1password mini: Yes / No”

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @teonline ,
    This discussion is almost a year old, I don't think you'll get a reply from the original user, but let us hope :chuffed:

    In any case, making the mini window react to a single click as autofill confirmation will make the mini window a lot less useful for many users who have tons of logins and need to go over them to figure out which one they need/want to autofill.

    Aside from the fact that I personally highly recommend getting accustomed to using the keyboard (e.g. autofill using CMD+\, then press Enter if mini shows up to confirm, because using the mouse in general is less productive for me), I do believe this is a matter of habit, and like any habit - it is hard to break and get used to something new, but once you do it will be much better and will make more sense, especially when you're on a website where you have multiple logins to choose from and you're not sure which one you need.

    Regardless, thank you for your feedback! Will forward it as necessary.

  • Thanks for your response, Yaron.

    I really liked the old list where I could see the username in light color, that made it easy enough to distinguish between accounts.

    My honest opinion: If a user has to use the mini window as it was the large 1password window, they probably have a different problem with assigning accounts to the correct URLs or organizing of logins in general. And if they need to take some complicated actions why wouldn't they use the regular app in the first place? Well, I can see how this might be biased by my own workflow, but yeah, it's an annoying change of my current workflow...

    I agree, about this being a matter of habit and I'll get used to it. However, that doesn't mean I like it. But I might be part of a minority.

    Furthermore, I can observe how 1password in the browser now blends in with how other password managers and browsers themselves implement access to credentials and password filling. And I think it has some fundamental flaws. I don't want to get into details and hijack this thread, but in short, I don't want any additional dropdown elements when using form fields. I disabled autosuggest/autofill in my browser, because it frequently interferes with website's custom solutions or prefills when I don't want it to or isn't helpful in some other way. I do realize that not many people feel the same, though...

    Regarding the keyboard shortcut, I'll have to look up the combination on my keyboard layout, but that could certainly be a new thing to try out!

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    edited April 19

    Hey @teonline
    Thanks for the additional info and feedback. I really do feel you here, I know what it is like to suddenly have to change your workflow due to UI changes you didn't plan for, but I assure you it is not as bad as you feel it is right now, as I have also gone through these modifications myself and have never liked changes in general :chuffed:

    Some of what you wrote here makes me think you might be using 1Password X in your browser. 1Password X is our newest extension and it shows up on its own inside usernames and password fields with proper suggestions. If that is what you are referring to, and you have disabled that feature, then you might as well remove 1Password X from your browser and install the good old companion extension: https://1password.com/browsers/

    The companion extension does not show up on its own when you are inside an input field, you must invoke it by either using the keyboard shortcut, or by clicking the extension icon on the top right corner of your browser. A third option is to right click the input field and select "1Password" from the right click menu.

    Hopefully this information will help you further with your workflow. If you have any questions regarding usability, keyboard shortcuts etc, feel free to ask.

  • Hey @Yaron,

    Thanks for sharing these details. I think I'm currently not using 1Password X, but can now put a name to what I've seen on coworker's machines sometimes. This change is actually not a big deal in comparison to what other software puts you through... I'm fine and I'm glad it's possible to discuss this issue here and that I got some more insights into how everything is stitched together 🙂

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Glad I could help and shed some light on the matter, @teonline :chuffed:

    We're here whenever you may need.

  • Your hope was well-founded! (Actually you can thank the forum system, which sent me an email due to activity on the thread 😉)

    In the end, I did get used to the keyboard shortcut, and I do like it now that I am used to it. It would have been nice to have better messaging around both the change to the dropdown and the existence of the keyboard shortcut, and I do maintain it would still be nice to have the old behaviour as a preference setting. But overall, I am happy. My advice would definitely be to embrace the keyboard shortcut, insofar as that is possible for you.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    I'm very glad to hear it @myxomatosis

    You know what they say - "Once you go keyboard shortcuts..." :wink:

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