Secret Key: bad UI on sign up via mobile

I wanted to give some very frustrated feedback from a family member. I'm trying to get them moved onto 1Password and they instantly had to recover their key because the UX was so poor when they first tried to setup their account on mobile.

After putting in their Master Password, they did not see any information about a Secret Key because it was below the "download the app" button. They hit the button and then hit a 'done' button on the previous window because they thought that's all they needed to do at this stage.

So when they then needed a secret key they asked where to find this. They never, ever saw the emergency kit or secret key information.

This person is not a luddite, just someone who does everything on a smartphone these days. The UX for setup seems very desktop email centric in its design and really needs to better explain at the very top that there are steps to be followed before closing that window.

It's particularly annoying given they worked hard to think of a good Master Password and now they're immediately required to think of another one. It's made them worried about this whole process all over again.

Food for thought, folks. I love the product and have used it for many, many years. But this seemed like a big failure of UX and not just a failure of the user not 'being careful enough'. Please keep mobile browsing in mind with how that introduction is experienced!

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 13
Sync Type: 1Password Family Account


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    Hi @seamusbyrne! Welcome to the forum!

    Thank you so much for signing up to the forum to share this feedback with us! We appreciate every idea that can make 1Password even better, so we will certainly keep your experience in mind (and I can tell you that we are looking at improvements in the general sign up flow ;) ).

    Enjoy your Sunday!

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