Can bank account and routing numbers (ACH) be stored? Can't find where. Thanks!

I would like to add bank account routing and account numbers to autofill (like the stored credit card info) for autofill. I can't find where this would be. If it is not currently supported, could it be added?

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    Hey @srehert ,

    1Password can autofill the following item types:

    • Logins.
    • Passwords.
    • Identities.
    • Credit cards.

    While 1Password does also have a variety of other item types it can store (such as bank account, passport, driver's license etc), it cannot autofill these item types.

    If your bank's login page requires you to enter your account number and other such bits of info, you'll have to save it as a Login item and not as a Bank account item. In case you're having troubles saving a proper login item for such a banking website, feel free to share the login page's URL here so we can test it for you and see if there's a way to get a proper login item working on that website.

    Please also write a little bit about your setup (your operating system, which 1Password version are you on, which browser version etc).

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