Family member vault View & Edit access; no logins in Categories via App

I have added husband to 1Password for Families, he has 2 vaults to which he has access; His + Shared. I sent an invitation, he accepted, I confirmed. (I'm setting it up for him.) In His vault and the Shared vault he has View & Edit access. He's using the 1Password app on an iPad.

On his iPad: under Categories, there are no logins being populated from His or the Shared vaults;
Settings: Always Open To: our Family Vault... I've tried both All Vaults and our Family Vault (neither have populated any saved logins under Categories). On the Vaults page, listed are Private, His vault and the Shared vault. His vault shows 19 items, and the Shared vault shows 8 items. These are what should be showing up in Categories... or someplace, but are not. (The Private vault is new - and has 3 default items from signup.)

I am able to access all items when logging in via the computer.
iOS Ver. 13.5.1. ; 1Password App Ver. 7.6

Thank you

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  • I deleted the App, and downloaded again. Problem resolved - I can now see all logins! Some sort of hiccup. Hope this helps someone else.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    I am not sure what would have caused that hiccup, but it's good to know you are up and running now. Thanks for updating the topic. :chuffed:

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