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1Password Updater found multiple copies of

FYI ... Not a biggie. Just got notified of 1Password Beta 3 update and the updater informed me that it found multiple copies of (all within Time Machine Backups). I'm also running the public beta of Big Sur and also converted Time Machine to backup to an APFS formatted backup drive. I assume since I never got this before I converted Time Machine to APFS that this is the issue?

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  • rudyrudy

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    Yup, the situation with multiple copies of 1Password is less dire than it was with 1Password 6, where if it couldn't launch the right copy of mini your data was completely inaccessible to you. If it launches the wrong 1Password Extension Helper then your extension interfaces simply won't work, but you'll still have access to your data. While its certainly recommended you exclude 1Password itself from backups to drives that are kept live, you can simply click "update anyway". Just be aware that if your extensions seem to not work, this is very likely to be the reason why.

  • rr0ss0rrrr0ss0rr
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    Thanks ... Weird that I was never notified before of the copies in Time Machine ... But I took your advice and added to be excluded.

  • ag_anaag_ana
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    Thank you for the update @rr0ss0rr, sounds good :+1: :)

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