Please add "Update Existing Login" to the browser extension

For the longest time I had no idea that "New Login" is what I needed to use when I didn't want a new login but instead wanted to update an existing login. It was by far my biggest pain point with using the app for quite a while. And now that I've moved my family on to the Family Plan (awesome value, btw!), it is a very confusing workflow to explain and most of them still don't remember it. No doubt this has been reported before, but I didn't see it in the first couple pages of search results and I wanted to add my voice to the chorus.

I'm sure you've already thought of this, but here's my suggestion for an implementation: add a new "Update Existing Login ⌘U" menu item right below the "New Login ⌘S" item in the extension's gear menu and have that go to the exact same "Save Login" window but with the "Update Existing" tab selected instead of "Create New". No new UI needed.


1Password Version: 70600005
Extension Version: 7.6
OS Version: 10.14.6
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @nathan! Welcome to the forum!

    For the longest time I had no idea that "New Login" is what I needed to use when I didn't want a new login but instead wanted to update an existing login.

    Can you please clarify this part? I am not sure I understood what you meant. If you want to update an existing login, as you said, "New Login" is not what you should use. For that, you have the Update Existing section:

  • rudyrudy

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    If you manually chose the new login command while you're on the login page, filled out with the new details, it should have the desired effect. you should get a window like the one @ag_ana posted, with the option to update an existing login.

  • nathannathan Junior Member

    You see the problem, right? I don't want a new login, I want to update an existing login. So it isn't intuitive for me to select "New Login" when that is expressly what I don't want. This would be like if going to a different site in my browser window required I click "New Window" and then select "Change URL in Current Window".

    I'm attaching a video that illustrates my confusion. The most common scenario where I (and now my family) would encounter this was trying to update a login so that it would check the "Keep me signed in" box, since there's no way to do that in the UI and getting an automatic "Update Existing" prompt on login for that has been very hit and miss. Here's a screen capture of me trying to update a login.

    Allow me to narrate:
    00:04 - Oh, 1Password didn't check "Keep me logged in". Let me check that and update the login.
    00:08 - Let's see, I'll just edit this login.
    00:11 - No, if I click that Gear icon it'll automatically change the password.
    00:14 - View Saved Form Details. Yeah, the field definitely isn't there, but I don't see any way to import it from the current page.
    00:19 - So nothing I can do editing the login, I guess I just have to create a new one and delete this one?
    00:27 - Creating a new login.
    00:30 - Oh, look, there's an Update Existing item hidden back here.

    So, as an end user, I would expect to be able to update a login by editing it. But I get that would be more work and maybe 1Password disagrees and sees editing as very distinct from updating. Okay. However, creating a new login is the exact opposite of updating an existing one from a user's point of view. The code paths are very similar, maybe even virtually identical, but the use cases are completely different. There is no UI element that connects the user to the next step in the action they are trying to accomplish. So my suggestion, which is relatively easy from an implementation standpoint, is to add an "Update Existing" menu item to the menu at 00:27 and then have it go directly to the "Update Existing" tab of the "Save Login" window at 00:30. Even just having the menu item go directly to the same place as "New Login" would be an improvement, because at that point the "Update Existing" is at least visible and there is now a UI path for the user to follow to update an existing login.

    I hope that clarifies what I was trying to say. Perhaps there is a direct path to updating an existing login that doesn't involve trying to create a new one that I've missed?


  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    edited August 18

    Hey @nathan,

    Thanks for clarifying the situation. The issue here is the terminology. The "New Login" menu item actually forces 1Password to bring up the save prompt (which also contains the "Update existing login" option where applicable).

    I'll forward a query on the matter to our team, perhaps a new terminology is in order here, something along the lines of "Save Login" would make more sense than "New Login".
    We'll see what the team has to say about this. Thanks for taking the time to bring this up!

    ref: dev/apple/issues/-/issues/4947

  • I'd like to add my support to Nathan's suggestion. I've just moved my family to 1Password after almost 3 years with LastPass and overall we're impressed with the product. Once you get used to some tasks being accomplished in the browser extension, some things on the website and others only in the Windows app, the trickiest task is updating existing entries. I've ended up manually creating new entries or copying/pasting from Notepad due to the following issues when updating existing entries with 1Password X:
    1. New Login implies new account entry, so I get confused and go looking for another button;
    2. Old password is sometimes replaced with new password leading to a password change failure on the website;
    3. I cannot adjust the properties of the suggested password, so need to use the password generator which is hard to find.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @missingbits ,

    While I'm glad you agree with Nathan, the issues you are describing are quite different and occur on a different extension than what Nathan is using :)
    You're using 1Password X, which is great! It shows up inside usernames/password fields on the websites you visit and allows you to perform all the tasks you need, including saving new logins and autofilling. There is no "New Login" button anywhere in 1Password X, so perhaps you'd like to clarify on that a bit.

    As for the "Old password" you mentioned, that sounds like you are trying to change your password on a website. This is not a part of 1Password's design but rather the website's design, where it asks you to enter your old password first before you can change it to a new password. That's pretty standard as far as changing passwords on websites goes.

    I agree on that last bit that the password generator might be a bit tricky to find, and we've already filed a report to our developers about it so that we can move it around to a clearer spot. The password generator is a very powerful tool and needs to be more visible :)

  • Hi Yaron
    Thanks for the swift response and sorry for the confusion. 1Password has a lot of different products with subtly different interfaces. It can be confusing for a new user, even one who has tried to read the relevant knowledge base and forum information.
    1. You're right the button isn't labelled New Login. When changing an existing password I get a pop-up with two options: a button labelled Use Suggested Password and a drop down list headed Suggestions. LastPass captures the change after it is submitted to the website, but I've heard that 1Password captures it before. However, there is no option to create a new entry or update an existing entry, so I'm not sure where to go next. I would prefer not to use the password appearing under Use Suggested Password because its properties cannot be adjusted, see 3.
    2. On hitting the Use Suggested Password button leads to both Current Password and New Password being filled with the suggestion. The website rejects the change because the old password is incorrect.
    3. To adjust the password properties I go to the password generator hidden two levels down from the extension button. I click Autofill, it fills the New Password box and I now get the option to update the existing entry. However, it also fills the Current Password box with the same and so the website rejects the change.
    So there is a usability issue for those familiar with different workflows from other password managers and there seems to be a bug with the auto-fill.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @missingbits ,
    Thanks for the clarification. I'll do my best to answer your questions.

    1. 1Password X does offer to save logins and changes before sending the form on the website, that's true. It will bring up the save prompt if you are generating a new password, or if it detects a username/password field with different input than what is stored in 1Password, so it will show the "Save in 1Password" button. However, in some pages you won't have the opportunity to trigger one of these conditions, so you'll want to right click the 1Password icon on the top right corner of your browser and select "Save Login". That will force the save prompt whenever, wherever you want.
    2. Sounds like a strangely designed "change password" form that throws off 1Password's logic. In such cases, it would be best to copy the new password from the generator instead of autofilling it. If you click the "Copy" button, you'll be able to paste it into the right field without overwriting the old password field, then use the steps above to trigger the save prompt, or simply edit the login manually and paste the new password into it.
    3. This is basically the same solution as answer #2. In websites where 1Password autofills in wrong places, copy the newly generated password instead of autofilling it, then paste it in the correct field, then trigger 1Password's save prompt as instructed in answer #1.

    I hope that will help you with your workflow. If you're still encountering issues, feel free to email us the details to [email protected] since I don't want us to hijack Nathan's original issue here and turn it into an unrelated discussion :)

  • edited August 19

    Hi Yaron
    Thanks for the tips. I won't divert the thread any further. I was able to change my passwords on a number of websites by using a range of different options. Auto-fill seems to be the most unreliable, so I either used the suggested new password or copied one from the password generator. In some cases I couldn't paste to the second new password field, so I would update in 1Password first using the first new password field and then drag the new password from the extension to the second new password field. No need for Notepad :chuffed:

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Glad to hear it, @missingbits .
    We're constantly working on improving 1Password's autofilling abilities, but it is a never ending battle due to the fact there's an endless amount of websites and they are all different one from another. However, we will not stop :)

    If you encounter issues with a particular website, feel free to write about it in a new forum discussion or via email and we'll be happy to try and help.

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