navigator.credentials.get and navigator.credentials.create are broken

navigator.credentials.get and navigator.credentials.create are broken, when 1passwordX is set to default password manager in chrome.
navigator.credentials.get({password: true}) will still trigger the default chrome password choser, but navigator.credentials.create(somePassword) will not trigger the chrome password saver dialog and not even the expected 1passwordX dialog, so the whole web standard password interaction is broken...

1Password Version: 7.6
Extension Version: 1.21.3 beta and also the current release of 1pwX
OS Version: chrome 83.0.4103.116
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • oliverdunkoliverdunk

    Team Member

    Hi @janfriedensreich,

    Hope you're having fun with the Credential Management API! It's something I haven't personally explored much.

    To trigger the save dialog, it looks like you may need to call with the result of the navigator.credentials.create call? That said, I was able to confirm that it's not showing either way when Chrome's password manager is disabled.

    As an extension, our interaction with the default password manager is very limited. We're setting the passwordSavingEnabled flag to false using the chrome.privacy API:

    Since Chrome's password manager is being disabled, I think it somewhat makes sense that your access to the Credential Management API is limited. However, you may wish to raise your feedback to Chrome, as this would be for them to change. There's an open issue about allowing extensions like ours to expose passwords through the API: I couldn't find one for the behaviour when the password manager is disabled, so you could try to find one or open something new.

    Hope all of this helps! As a final note, you can change the "Make 1Password the default password manager" setting on our Settings page. This probably doesn't solve your problem if it's affecting more than just you, though.

  • ah yes sorry, that's what i meant -> "To trigger the save dialog, it looks like you may need to call with the result of the navigator.credentials.create "

    I understand the issue now, its an edge case where my users saved passwords in chromes pw manager and then afterwards enable 1pwX as default pw manager.

    it would be nice for the 1passwordX background script to expose saving and getting passwords via Credential Management API in the future if this is possible, the form field handling is amazing compared to the old extension btw. :) but no form field handling is still better ...

  • oliverdunkoliverdunk

    Team Member

    @janfriedensreich Glad I could help, and glad you like the extension! :)

    We'll keep an eye out for anything we can do to make this experience better for you.

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