How can I show all the entries in my 1Password store that do not have a tag associated to them?

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The question is pretty much in the title. I like to use the tags in the entries in my 1Password X app, web app and Android.
Is there a way to show those entries that are not using a tag?

If not, is this a feature that can be added? Many thanks.

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1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 1.20.0
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @uwalakab!

    I am not aware of a way to filter by tags this way in 1Password X, but I can think of a way to do this in 1Password for Mac. Is that perhaps a platform that you are also using?

  • Hi @ag_ana

    My main platform is 1Password Android. But I also use the web based version to edit and maintain passwords too.

  • ag_preetag_preet

    Team Member

    Hi @uwalakab, my method is a bit round about, but it should work for what you need.

    Try this on your Android device:
    1. Create a new temporary vault
    2. Open the Tags tab and copy all the items to your temporary vault
    3. Open the Settings tab > Vaults > make sure all of your vaults are selected under "Vaults included in All Vaults"
    4. Switch to All Vaults view

    Now you should see duplicates of all the items with tags and all the single items are in need of tags. When creating new tags with this method, just copy the newly tagged item to the temporary vault to keep track of what's tagged. When you're done you can delete the temporary vault along with the duplicates.

    Here's the support page for 1Password on Android for any extra details.

    It may be messy, but it's doable! Hopefully this helps. :)

  • uwalakabuwalakab
    edited August 19

    Hi @ag_preet

    Thanks for your suggestion. It does sound a bit messy, but seeing as this is a low frequency task I'll give it a go.
    But I would love to see a new feature where there is something like "Untagged" or "-Blank- in the Tag List.

    Thanks again.

  • ag_preetag_preet

    Team Member

    Hi @uwalakab, you're most welcome, I hope my method works for you! Thanks for your suggestion, I'll be sure to mention it. :)

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