Problem upgrading to 1Password 7


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  • a long time ago I tried to upgrade MacAppStore 6 to 7 and couldn't find where to purchase the standalone license. I mistakenly put in my email and it created a membership which I won't do. I do not do subscriptions. Today after reading I tried to install 7 again and now know where to look to buy the license. But it came up as a Frozen memberhip with the email address I had put in. No place could I find the license and there was no way to get out of the page that said frozen membership. What file or how do I delete this so I can buy a stand alone License for 7? I deleted 7 again and reinstalled 6 but really want to upgrade to 7 but not membership

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    Hi @phantomdrvr! Welcome to the forum!

    Your 1Password 7 app probably still has the configuration from the time you created an account. Is this 1Password 7 app the one you downloaded from the Mac App Store back then, or did you download it from our website?

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