1password X beta (1.21.3) not unlocking all vaults when unlocking

I have a personal and a business vault that I heavily use, but when logging in it will only unlock my personal. I have to go to the website every time to unlock my business vault. This only started happening when you removed the integration with the desktop app.

I would expect it to unlock both vaults the same as before. and not have to go to the 1password desktop app to get the password then go to the website to unlock it. This is a major inconvenience now that it constantly locks on my.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @blairham

    To have this work as you're expecting you'd need to use the same Master Password for both 1Password accounts. If the passwords are the same, both will be unlocked when entering the password. Otherwise, only the account with the password you enter will unlock. At present the desktop apps work differently, which is why you were seeing a different behavior with Desktop App Integration enabled, but in the future they will likely work the same way.

    For now... The way the desktop apps handle unlocking is:

    • If a Primary vault exists 1Password will always unlock using the Master Password for that vault. This supersedes all of the following rules.
    • If a single 1Password.com account is logged in then 1Password will unlock using the Master Password for that account.
    • If multiple 1Password.com accounts are logged in then 1Password will unlock using the Master Password of the first account that was added.

    This is a bit convoluted and complex, and the model 1Password X uses simplifies the situation.


  • Hi @Ben

    Thank you, this information was useful. I don't know if I want to keep my two passwords the same right now, I'll ponder that while I wait for the integration to come back as I would prefer that anyhow.


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    You're welcome. :)


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