Official Arch Linux package [Available now in AUR (under "1Password")]

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Wow, this is actually happening. Like, I've read all the articles and official posts and, uhhh, I still can't believe it.

Anyway, since we have your attention now, I'd like to ask if there's a chance that 1Password ends up in the Arch community repo. There has been precedent for closed source apps making it to the arch repos, like discord.

It would be really nice to see it up there, so I thought I'd ask.

Oh and thanks a ton for the app!!!!


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hey @looselyrigorous

    So glad to hear you're exicited about this too! :) We absolutely want to do what we can for Arch users, and have a few internally as well. We're looking at how to best distribute the app on that platform. For right now I believe the AppImage or snap would be the easiest ways install. Hopefully we can find a more Arch-centric option going forward. Thanks for checking in.


  • keithnyckeithnyc
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    Just want to say that I just found this preview as well, also running Arch (btw), and am SO happy the awesome folks at 1Password are doing this for Linux. THANK YOU

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your excitement, @keithnyc. :)


  • There is already a PKGBUILD in the Arch User Repository (AUR):

    I believe all the 1Password team needs to do is to give permission for it to be included in their official repositories. Once it has gained enough community interest (votes, popularity) a Trusted User (who wants to maintain it) can move the package to the official community repository.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    Hi @tonkku107,

    We'll need to investigate first on what is involved on our side, we do want to automate all of our packages. We just need more time before we can go further on this.

  • @tonkku107 the process you describe is generally correct-- but a couple of caveats:

    • The voting process in the AUR helps TU's identify packages that should be adopted into community, but votes don't guarantee adoption. And likewise, a TU could choose to adopt 1password regardless of votes, if they felt it was in the best interest of the community.
    • Agilebits doesn't need to give permission per se for the package to be included, but the package does need to have a "compatible license". Arch isn't overly picky about this ( and generally will not discount a nonfree package if the community wants access to it.
    • It's not common for a package that installs an Appimage to be adopted and included in community, which is all my package really does. Generally speaking Appimages don't need packaging (although we sometimes do it for convenience) and aren't good candidates for inclusion in any official repository.
    • Agilebits would realistically have to consider building and releasing a distribution-agnostic tarball which could then be packaged. Most community packages build from source directly, but obviously this isn't an option with nonfree software.

    It's a lot for them to consider since it does impact their build pipeline, and there's no guarantee my package will ever be adopted by a TU. Alternatives like Appimage exist to cut down on needing to build additional packages, so it's an attractive option for software like 1password.

  • @rew1red

    • Yeah, I simplified the community interest part a lot.
    • I only mentioned the permission part because I doubt they would have a "compatible license" on it but who knows. In a way a license is also a "permission" so technically not wrong in that either but should've mentioned licensing as well.
    • I didn't actually know they don't usually include Appimage packages. Maybe there are ones that release both as a tarball and an appimage? Anyway, I've been using appimages recently and I'm liking them but not sure if I, or others, prefer that over normal package management so having the option would also be great...
    • I honestly expected they'd have a tarball release already since that's the simplest format available.

    @MikeT I doubt you'd be able to automate the publishing to the arch repos unless you have a TU on your team...
    Regardless, there will always be the Appimage and the AUR so there's no problem with availability to arch users.

  • @rew1red
    They also provide a .deb package, similar to tar.
    And this package install 1password from deb.

  • Thanks Toxblh!

    I'm aware of the .deb but elected not to use it for my package because of the self-contained nature of the AppImage. Just a choice at the time, I suppose.

    I'm going to ask a TU to offer an opinion, I think technically 1password-bin would be considered a duplicate package even though it's from a different source archive. If they're fine with two packages, I'm fine with two packages, I'd just like to know their opinion.

  • I more prefer deb/tar packages, less weight and less problems instead of any self-contained apps. Let's see. For me it's 2 diff packages.

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    I typically glance through the 1Password forums once or twice a year looking for news of a proper Linux release. I'm thrilled to see it's finally happening! Here's hoping it finds its way into the official Arch repos; system maintenance is so much simpler when everything is under pacman's purview.

    Thanks for caring about us penguins! <3

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    @rew1red I have been using 1password-bin so that I can customize the icon to match the Papirus icon theme with hardcode-tray. It is not possible to override the built in AppImage icons with out the extracted icons.

    I would love an official 1Password repo to install this package.

    Agilebits could consider having their own pacman repo that users add and install from. SublimeText offers such a repo that is fully under their control and doesn't need to comply with the type of licensee needed for open source projects

    Agilebits could then also use this same repo to distribute 1password-cli to Arch users

  • @chrishoage I do extract the icons in my pkgbuild (which works for the .desktop file), but I'm totally unfamiliar with hardcode-tray. It looks like maybe it only works with certain icon themes? Perhaps I'll play around with it this coming week!

    A third party repository would be an option. It's ever-so-slightly harder to reach users and it a little less common practice for Arch-based distributions than, say, Debian-based distributions... but I have seen it done on a few occasions, with your example obviously included. I believe Valve operates their own pacman repository for a similar purpose as well.

    That's definitely a good option to consider.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    At the moment, we do plan to host our own pacman repo.

  • I see that 1Password in AUR is now maintained by an account called 1Password.

    Is this account controlled by AgileBits? Will this be the "official" way to install 1Passwrod in Arch Linux or will you still be exploring a standalone pacman repo?

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @chrishoage,

    Yes, that is us. Sorry, we should've followed up here to let everyone know.

    We've started to build packages into that AUR repo: We're still polishing our process but that should be the current path forward.

    We're not yet sure about our own repo. We're constantly reviewing our options as we continue to work on this.

  • I appreciate the Linux program very much, thank you. I want to ask that in addition to an AppImage, can we have an AUR package that's basically a .deb package? Similar to Google Chrome from the AUR. I see one, but it's published by a third party and does not include the GPG signature.

    In the event that the pacman repo is imminent, I'd like to know if it will have the AppImage or a more native binary.

  • SavanniSavanni

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    Hey, @absoluteBeast . We actually are going to do non-AppImage distributions for platforms such as Arch, NixOS, et. al. It's not a particularly hard problem. We just haven't been able to prioritize it yet.

  • Wow, amazing!

    I'm on Manjaro (an arch derivative) and am super excited by this news, thank you.

  • non-AppImage for Arch would be welcome, as it would allow me to more easily use hardcode-tray to apply my icon theme icon to the tray in the system panel outlined here

    Though, I would appreciate the ability for icon theme provided tray icons to be used more :smile:

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    :+1: Yep!

    We're studying and doing all of this in-house with our automated building system, so it will take a bit of time before we can expand more on this. We also want to add support for Flatpak, Release file, and many more in addition to non-AppImage for AUR.

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