Suggest - clear search input field when pressing Control-F [Bug, will fix by selecting text instead]

rcorkrcork Junior Member
edited September 4 in Linux Beta

It would be good if the search input box was cleared when pressing Control-F. For example, if you press Control-F and search for something you will get 0 or more results. If you press Control-F again and start typing a new search term, because the previous search term is still in the input box, it starts appending to the existing input instead of starting a new search.

1Password Version: 0.8.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Linux Mint 20
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member
    edited September 4

    Hi @rcork,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Actually, we have a bug. When pressing Control + F, it should've selected the text, so that you can type to clear it but if you want to maintain the search to append, you can press right arrow instead, just like in most apps.

    We'll get that fixed.

    ref: dev/core/core#2702

  • rcorkrcork Junior Member

    I like that much better. Looking forward to the fix.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member


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