Keep Watchtower TFA login on-screen

edited September 5 in Windows

Yesterday, I was rectifying the logins listed under Watchtower → Two-Factor Authentication and spotted a few ways that this process can be improved. One other is at

When adding TOTP MFA to an account, you usually have to:
1. Enter a generated TOTP to prove that it's working.
2. Save the provided backup codes.

However, when in Watchtower → Two-Factor Authentication and editing a login to add a One-Time Password field, the login has to be saved before the TOTP will be generated but saving the login with the newly-added OTP field immediately removes it from Watchtower → Two-Factor Authentication and takes it off-screen.

I can understand removing it from Watchtower → Two-Factor Authentication but can it be kept on-screen until something else is selected so that we can get the generated TOTP to complete the set-up process?


1Password Version: 7.6.780
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 v2004
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Hey @mythofechelon 😊

    This is certainly a pretty good idea, and I can definitely see how that would improve the flow of things as well. I'll pass it along to my team so I can make sure the appropriate folks are seeing this too!

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