Getting 1Password to work with new Scotiabank login page

bkccabkcca Junior Member

A recent change by Scotiabank seems to have broken 1Password functionality. Like most login pages the bank requires both a username/card number and a password to be entered to successfully login. After 1Password fills in this information Scotiabank now pops up 1 of three security questions to be answered. 1Password seems unable to fill in the answer to this subsequent security questions (as expected), and so now the login process is not nearly as automatic as it used to be. Scotiabank has also enabled the suppression of these security questions by having the user 'save' the username/card number so that this field is pre-populated the next time you open a browser and go to the login page - and this is where I run into problems.

I tried this method of suppressing the security questions by saving my card number but this is where 1Password breaks. Like many households my wife and I both have bank logins saved within 1Password and, of course, both of us have different card numbers. If I save my bank card number via the login page then 1Password can successfully log me into the bank. However, if my wife attempts to login to her account sometime later 1Password will not over-write the 'saved' bank card number (my number) with her information and will only input her password which along with my bank card number which results in a failed login - and vice versa if I have the login page 'save' her bank card number.

I suppose I could bookmark two separate instances of login pages with each instance having 'saved' a different bank card number but this seems an odd work around. I have twice provided feedback to Scotiabank that this new change is breaking my password manager. I have also pointed out that having one of two pieces of key login information pre-populated (saved) by the web browser seems like a poor security practice (why give away login information if you don't need to?) but they do not seem inclined to change their login page.

Is there anyway to have 1Password enter both bank card number and password regardless if one of those fields is already pre-populated by the web page? If 1Password could do this I would 'save' a login page with a bunch of zeroes representing the bank card info and then 1Password could over-write the zeroes with the correct bank card info and also input the corresponding correct password to successfully login.


1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.6 (70600006) Mac App Store
Extension Version: latest ???
OS Version: 10.15.5
Sync Type: 1Password account


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @bkcca!

    Can you please share the full URL where this is happening, so we can test it? Thank you!

  • bkccabkcca Junior Member


  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @bkcca ,

    I reached the following login page on Scotiabank's website:

    If I don't check the "Remember my username or card number", then they won't be pre-filled the next time I try to login, which should resolve your issue (theoretically).
    Can you please try clearing your browser's cache so that you'll reach the same page I did, then make sure that when you autofill, 1Password doesn't check that checkbox to remember you?

  • bkccabkcca Junior Member

    Hi there...what you state is correct that not checking the 'Remember my username...' will stop the browser from pre-filling in the username field. Unfortunately this is not quite my issue.

    If I do not check the 'Remember my username...' box then the login process will subsequently give me some security questions to answer as a next step. 1Password is not able to automatically answer these questions for me so the login process becomes quite cumbersome.

    If I do check the 'Remember my username...' box then the security questions are suppressed (which is what I want), however, the browser pre-populates the 'Username or card number' field with my card number.

    When my wife attempts to log into her account using her card number (which is different than my card number) 1Password fills in her password along with my card number and the login then fails.

    I was hoping that 1Password would over-write the username or card number field with my wife's card number (which it already has stored). 1Password seems to ignore that the username field is different that what is has stored and simply fills in the password field. Ideally when 1Password recognizes this webpage as a Scotiabank login page it would fill in both the username or card number and the password with the information it has stored.


  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Thanks for clarifying @bkcca .

    1Password cannot affect fields that are not fillable (e.g. the website remembers you so the fields are read-only).
    There are two possible solutions here:

    1. Your wife can (and should) be using a different user profile in the browser (or even a different user on the computer) so you two will have separate working environments, exactly for reasons like this website. You should not be sharing the same workspace with other people and need some sort of separation. If you're using Chrome or Firefox (or any browser that isn't Safari) you can easily create a new user profile for your wife, then she can have her own favorite websites, history and cache, which means the website will remember her and autofill her password correctly. If you're using Safari, then you can create a new user for her on the computer, which will create a completely separate Mac OSX environment for her (her own desktop, documents, downloads etc), with her own Safari that will allow for the same result.

    2. We can attempt to get 1Password to autofill the security questions if you'd like. We'll need to see the fields' HTML code and do some testing and more back and forth but it might be possible. Worst case scenario is that you store your security questions' answers in 1Password, then you'll be able to drag and drop them with your mouse from 1Password into the fields on the website, which will make the process less cumbersome.

    Option #1 seems a lot more reasonable to me, but I know a lot of people would much rather share their working environment for the simplicity of it.

  • bkccabkcca Junior Member

    thanks for the feedback...until you pointed it out I did not realize that the username/password field was read-only once the browser 'remembered' the info. This makes sense why 1Password cannot overwrite the info in that field.

    Two user profiles is not particularly convenient as this is a family computer sitting on the kitchen island and is used for music, light browsing and email. The effort to change profiles is about the same effort as to answer the security questions so we will likely continue to just answering the security questions as they come up at login.

    Thanks for looking into this...


  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    We can still try to help you answer the security questions if you'd like, Brian :)

    If you'd like that, we can continue via email to maintain your privacy. I'll need the following:
    1. Get to the security question's page on the website.
    2. Right click it and select "Inspect".
    3. Take a screenshot of the entire browser window so we can see both the field and its HTML code.
    4. Send it over to [email protected] along a short description and a link to this discussion.

    If you prefer to pass on that offer, that's totally fine as well :)

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