Can't create new login with command+\

Second to copying usernames and passwords into login forms, the most fundamental outcome I want to achieve with 1Password is generating new logins, when creating a new account on some site. This is proving to be much harder than it used to be.

My current problem:

When I type command+\ , in the window that pops up there's a gear icon in top right that offers a menu item New Login. This is what I want to use, and what I remember always using in the past. However, now when I select this option my computer beeps at me. No message as to why I can't do this, just a beep. This is very frustrating. How do I save a login without opening the full app? Do I have to stop using a workflow that is only a keyboard shortcut away?

I only ever want to generate passwords as part of creating a Login; I'm desperate for the simple workflow I used to have:
1. command+\
2. new login
3. enter username and url into 1Password (url is often autofilled but incorrect)
4. click generate password
5. save
6. fill

Additional context:

  • I should not have to open the full 1Password mac app to create a new login. I like the minimal UX of whatever I get when I type command+\
  • I should be able to create a new login using the window that pops up using command+\
  • When I type command+\ , I don't know whether the window that pops up comes from 1Password, 1Password Mini, a browser extension, or 1Password X. At one point I had them all installed and the UX was such a nightmare that I uninstalled the Chrome extension and 1Password X. After a year of of copying and pasting usernames and passwords manually I want autofill with command+\ again and I assume to get it I have to install the Chrome extension again.
  • I do not want 1Password prompting me to save passwords automatically; I find the behavior clutters the browser form and I'm too often prompted to do things I don't want to do. I only want to fill a login, or create a login, when I start with command+\
  • When I type command+\, there's a "generate password" button which is utterly useless. All it does is save the password into a black hole with a bunch of other nondescript passwords. If I do find the right one I can't convert it to a login.

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  • The workflow that I described is critical in that it allows me to save all the login data before populating a web form. I do not want to rely on a prompt after I populate the webform to save the login, as too often the prompt did not appear as expected and I had to manually generate the Login anyway, ad go through a forgot password flow on the website to regenerate the password.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @shannoncoen!

    What version of the 1Password browser extension are you currently using? You mentioned trying both, so it would be great if you could clarify which one you have chosen.

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