Adding an app to a 1Passwod login

I have a couple of Android apps that won't trigger a "Login with 1Password" or similar prompt, even though their corresponding websites do.

I can add a website to an existing login. Can I add an app as well?

1Password Version: 7.6.2
Extension Version: Firefox 1.21.0
OS Version: 10
Sync Type: ??? Google Drive?


  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @PaoliBulldog. When you use 1Password to fill into an app, 1Password will create a link to the app in the Login to connect the two. However, it sounds like the problem here is that the Autofill prompt isn't appearing in the first place, right?

    Can you long press in the login fields in these apps and tap Autofill from the context menu that pops up? Also would you be able to let us know what apps you're having trouble with so we can test it out on our end?

  • You are correct. I never get prompted to Autofill. The two apps that won't behave are AdventHealth:


    United Healthcare:

    (Android's own Autofill feature doesn't have anything to input, of course.)

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Thanks @PaoliBulldog. It looks like Autofill isn't working in either of these apps, though I'm able to fill with only Accessibility in the AdventHealth app. I'd try using drag and drop to fill in these apps for now.

    I've gone ahead and reported these apps to our developers to look into. Let us know if you need anything else.
    ref: dev/android/onepassword-android#955

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    On behalf of peri, you are welcome @PaoliBulldog! If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.

    Have a wonderful day :)

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