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Mozilla firefox seems to be operating perfectly , i havent noticed any errors at all yet in this release . Someone can correct me if im wrong . All i will say is , one time passcodes dont auto fill automatically on the site. I mean you are alerted the one time pass code has been copied in mozilla although clicking copy and paste takes seconds anyway.

Reffering to facebook google norton

Is the " sort by " function for records new ? I dont believe ive seen this before. Very handy


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    Hello there. We did indeed recently add the sort options, though not in this update. That feature was added back in March.

    As to filling your one-time passwords, can you confirm that you have Autofill enabled in 1Password's settings? 1Password will autofill the code after you've filled the Login if we detect the OTP field on the page. Otherwise, it will automatically copy it to the clipboard if you have that setting enabled.

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