Authentication Error. If you have recently ... sign in again // cannot sign in - web interface works

Dear 1Password Team.

I am using Windows 10. When opening up my Desktop App, I am seeing this message: "Authentication error. If you have recently changed your account details ... sign in again". Same message on my smartphone.

Recently I have logged in via the web-interface but I did not change anything as to my knowledge. For sure the Master Password is unchanged. Interestingly, I can still log-in in the web-interface. But, when I click the error message in the desktop app, it does not work. It says that either email, secret key, https or master password are incorrect.

It also appears to me that 1Password is not synchronized between the Desktop App and my mobile device anymore. Maybe due to that error message?

Hope I was able to describe my matter good enough. Thank you for your support.

Best regards


  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Hey there @Schwarzlinger 👋

    If you're able to successfully login to 1Password via, but you're still receiving those authentication errors on 1Password for Windows, could go ahead create a diagnostics report for 1Password, and then include that diagnostic in an email to [email protected], so that we could take a closer look at what is going on? 🔎

    Once you email into us, you should receive a support id that looks something like [ABC-12345-678] -- If you could post that here so we can connect the dots on our end, that would be great! 😊

  • Blake,
    all other Users.

    It is working now again, after I have got a guideline how to reset and start again on my Windows PC.

    However, there was the same issue on my iPhone. When trying to re-login into 1PW (as per message) I now realized that an old secret key was pre-filled-in. What I understand: I have downloaded the secret key from the web interface page recently. When doing so, I obviously generated a new key, not being aware of. So, the confusion on wrong/old secret keys came up.

    In the future, I will check all login credentials to avoid such confusion.

    By the way, all devices are synchronizing again.

    I appreciate your support Blake. To me, with 1Password, you see the difference between 'feemium' (apps for free, you pay with your data) and 'premium' (you simply pay for the app, including a very good support).

    Best regards

    P.s.: Never got an email with support id.

  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi @Schwarzlinger,

    Thank you for the update! We are glad to hear that you figured it all out. :):+1:

    By the way, if you regenerated your Secret Key (sorry for the confusion with it, btw), I would recommend you to print out your new Emergency Kit, write the Master Password in the space provided, and keep it somewhere safe and secure. This way you will always have a point of reference and won't get locked out of your 1Password account.

    Let us know if you have other questions, we are always ready to help. Thanks!


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