As a non-family manager, I need a second private account

I am not the family manager on our family account, that honor belongs to the other adult in the house. We have family shared vaults for the typical things, and personal vaults for passwords we don't share or where we each for sure have our own login (our own personal email accounts, etc). I ALSO have a vault for my business passwords. I have personal iOS devices, and business iOS and MacOS devices.

On my business devices, I need to be able to access:
-my personal vault
-our family shared vaults
-my business passwords vault

On my personal devices, I need to be able to access:
-my personal vault
-our family shared vaults
-it would be acceptable if my business passwords vault showed here, too, but I'd rather they didn't.

On our family manager account, I need to be able to keep him from accessing my business passwords vault (not because I don't trust him, but because to comply with my employer's guidelines)

Is there a way to do this?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @Jennifer_marple

    Thanks for taking the time to outline your use case for us here. What you're asking for is possible, however it may require a separate membership (e.g. 1Password Business). The reason for this is within a 1Password Families membership Family Organizers always have the ability to add themselves to any vaults, other than the built-in Personal vault for each account. You can sign in to multiple memberships with the apps though. With a separate account within a 1Password Business membership your family member would not have any access to the data inside. If you were instead to create the vault within the family membership, while he would not have access by default, it would be possible for him to add himself to it.

    Has your company considered a 1Password Business membership? Our business team would be happy to discuss with them. They can be reached at [email protected].

    If a separate membership for the business isn't feasible the only solution here would be for the Family Organizer to promote you to Family Organizer, and then for you to demote them. You could then potentially have the same problem in reverse though, if they need to have vaults beyond the built-in Personal vault which you cannot add yourself to.

    Alternatively you could consider using tags to organize personal vs work items, however this does not offer the level of separation that separate vaults would offer.


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