Missing items when logging into a captive portal

Whenever I try to connect to WiFi that requires a login via a captive portal (modal popup on iOS) I miss login items that contain the credentials.

The items are not merely missing in the list of suggested items, but do not appear in the list at all. They are otherwise available both directly in the app and in Safari.

The items belong to my main vault and I do have All Vaults selected.

1Password 7.7 (happened on older versions as well), iOS 14.1 (but I’ve seen the issue throughout iOS 13). Cannot recall when I first noticed it, but it’ve been happening for quite a while.


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @Kentzo!

    If you see this login inside the 1Password app, but not in the Autofill extension, make sure that the Autofill extension has had time to refresh after you updated information in the main 1Password app. To do so, open 1Password on your iOS device and go to Settings > Password AutoFill, and wait until data has updated.

    Does the login show in the list now?

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