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Sorting by Tag in the Weak Passwords Area


How do I sort by tag in the Weak Passwords Watchtower area?

You have a deficiency in your product where you are unable to filter out pin codes and other types of passwords that are considered weak. So they consistently get displayed in Weak Passwords.

This could all be alleviated if you provided the ability to sort by tag, where by you could filter out all "WeakPasswordDontCare" tags in watch tower. Should be easy to implement/fix but I see other postings out there where they were overthinking the problem.

I tried to use the tag searching feature, but it doesn't allow for negative searches such as "tag:-WeakPasswordDontCare" to exclude all items WITHOUT the "WeakPasswordDontCare" tag. This would allow me to look at all passwords that are considered weak, but have not been evaluated as fixable. If they aren't fixable (such as a pin code) I would add "WeakPasswordDontCare" to the password so I could filter it out from watch tower in the future.

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  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Hey @xantari 👋

    You can't currently filter out passwords within 1Password that are considered "weak" or "reused" -- though this is something I'll certainly pass along to our teams for future consideration.

    Thanks for posting this!

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