I have 1P on iPad. Can I later sync through Dropbox to an iMac?

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Hypothetical situation: I currently have the 1Password Pro app for iPad. A month from now I want to add 1P to my iMac, and sync both devices through Dropbox.

How would I transfer my iPad logins keychain to Dropbox? Or do I have to recreate all my iPad logins on the desktop version, then move the desktop keychain to Dropbox and resync to the iPad?




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    Nope its doable.

    You would first need to install the Mac version (it does some of the backend work for the Dropbox sync setup)

    Next for safety sake backup the iPad database using the built in backup feature inside 1Password (store the backup file safely just incase you need it or something goes wrong.) When or if you do not need it any longer put it in the trash and securely delete it.

    Next link the iPad to your Dropbox account and sync, all your passwords will sync to the datafile in Dropbox and then to your Mac

    For ease of use make sure to do the initial sync via wifi it goes much faster.
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    Thanks, Thightower, that helps. Stephen
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    On behalf of T-Dog, you are quite welcome! :)

    Dropbox syncing will always merge your data, so any data you have in 1Password on any other device will sync into an empty data file on the desktop rather than overwriting it.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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