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I noticed that the Chrome extension does not give you password "suggestions" when you click on a text field like a username. It does do this when I use the Safari extension and I find this really convenient.

Am I missing something or is it not in the Chrome Extension?

I have attached an image showing the password suggestions on the Safari browser.

1Password Version: 7.7
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS 11.1
Sync Type: iCloud


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    Hi @bgentile! Welcome to the forum!

    The feature is available in every browser extension, so it should work in Chrome too. Can you please check the exact version of the browser extension that you are using? From the screenshot, I don't think it's version

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    The screenshot I included was from the Safari browser and not the Chrome browser. I just included it to explain what I was talking about it.

    I double checked the Chrome extension version and it is version

    I also included a screenshot of what I'm seeing using the Chrome browser which does not show password suggestions .

    I should clarify that I'm using the classic extension and not the 1password x extension.

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    The classic extension does not offer this functionality. For the inline option to be available, you would need to use 1Password X.

    • You indicated that you are syncing via iCloud in your opening post. 1Password X is only available to users using one of our membership offerings. If you're looking to try a membership, the following link is a great place to get valuable information.

    Explore a 1Password membership.

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