Identity Management / Additional Device Access Management possible?

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Hi guys,

i currently testing the functionality of OnePassword Business. I try to find a option to control the access of additional devices per account.

1. Account created via AzureAD import
2. User try to connect a additional device like mobile, tablet
3. Access needs to be granted via 2FA/MFA from the admin side

in short: we want to control which additional device is connecting and prevent users from synicing to everywhere

Is that possible with 1Password Business Edition?

Thanks in advance

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  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi @vaultmaser! Welcome to the 1Password Support Community and thank you for taking the time to test the features of 1Password Business.

    There isn't currently a 1Password Business feature meeting your exact description of controlling which devices your team members can set up and access their 1Password data.

    However, with 1Password Advanced Protection, part of every business account, you can enable modern app requirements, restricting the use of older, outdated versions of the 1Password apps, and requiring that every team member keep up to date with the latest 1Password versions.

    Another close feature lets you manage app access and choose which of the 1Password client applications can be used to access specific shared vaults. For example, if your Finance vault has the 1Password for iOS and 1Password for Android apps deselected in the app access settings, your team members won't be able to view the said vault on those particular platforms.

    Our development team is always looking to improve 1Password with the help of user feedback. If you'd like to provide any additional details about your particular use case (without revealing any private information on this forum), or what you envision in this feature, please feel free to share here (or via email) and I'll pass it on to our team for consideration. :)

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