Slightly disappointed long-time user

I have been a 1Password user for ages (perhaps since the invention of 1Password, I don't remember). For personal reasons, I prefer to keep using my good old version 6.8.9 (I simply like to buy and pay for software at once and don't like the subscription schemes which seem to be preferred by software companies nowadays).
After a recent software update, 1Password suddenly quit working with Firefox and kept asking me for some kind of "secret number" (or a similar expression) which I don't have. I contacted your support and specifically stated that I did not want an upgrade but just some simple advice how to get around that secret number stuff.
The answer I got from somebody/something called "BitBot, and the entire 1Password team" was a pure disappointment: The one and only sentence that made sense was: "It sounds like you may have installed the latest version of 1Password in your browser, which requires a 1Password membership". Yeah, meanwhile I have found that out all by myself, and by finally discovering and reinstalling an older extension, I was able to "revive" 1Password 6.
All the other things in your automated message were nothing else than advertising gibberish, frantically trying to promote a 1Password "membership". Why can't you just accept that a faithful customer doesn't want this? And if you no longer can or want to support previous versions, then why don't you just say so in plain English? If somebody asks you for support, then he hopes just for this, and not for a sales campaign.
This is the first (but also last) time I have needed 1Password support - luckily the product was/is better than my experience with "BitBot"...

1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: ?
OS Version: OS X 10.15.7
Sync Type: ?


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    BitBot is an automated reply that tries to answer your questions as best as possible. It's certainly not perfect, but it can do a pretty good job. I'm sorry that you found the replies unhelpful. You can always reply to the message to get help from a member of the staff.

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