Generated Password History is blank

My partner tells me I should be able to see a list of generated passwords, but the list is empty.

I have just been sent a link to a customer's invoice creation site. They sent me account details and a single-use password. Being a responsible vendor, I used 1P to create a nice but very forgettable password and logged in.

I copied and pasted the password from the 1P plugin in the browser because that's how it seems to work. I probably should read the instructions because I was told "It just works - so use it" but clearly not. From other posts, the Fill button seems to be key.

Anyhoo, the upshot is that I was able to log into the account, and the password was not recorded. (I bet I have a shirtload of these little nightmares waiting for me elsewhere. But this is not the problem.) Naturally, since the customer is SAP, their web form does not work with Firefox, so I opened Safari (like that's gonna work...) and copied my new vendor number from their email to a second browser. An astute observer would now drily remark that I have just lost the generated password that I had just set when I logged in through the first browser.

My partner, who got me started on 1P in the first place, said "No problem - look at the generated password history." Sounds promising, but is totally blank. I have created and used dozens of passwords in 1P, but there is nothin' there.

Is this what I should expect? Is there something I have to do to activate generated password history?

I am using Mac OS X 10.7.3 and 1P 3.8.19.

Meanwhile, I have to tell my great big customer that their consultant is not smart enough to log into their web site...


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    From other posts, the Fill button seems to be key.

    You nailed it. If you don't fill a password (by clicking the "Fill" button in the extension) then it isn't saved. Hundreds of passwords are generated as you move the sliders to set the options you want. 1Password would quickly be overloaded with this password (the majority of which you couldn't possibly even use). Clicking the "Fill" button locks in your selection, saves it as a Generated Password item, and fills it in the form.
    Then you can click the "View password history" button while viewing that same login page and just click on the password entry to fill it again if you ever need to refer back to it. This is a safety net, of course. For daily use, your password (and username, URL, etc.) are stored in a Login item.

    Similarly, you need to click the "Save" button in the main application to, um, save a generated password there. If you click "Cancel" then the generated password will not be saved.


    We recommend using the browser extension to generate passwords and save Login items since only the extension can "learn" everything it needs to know about a page to make filling more successful. If you create Login items in the main application, 1Password doesn't have this opportunity.

    I hope that helps. If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know.
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