Trying SO hard to switch to 1PW from Bitwarden...

Hello everyone!
I cant tell you how hard I want 1PW to work well for me. I'm a Bitwarden user, and it's worked well for me for years. I trust its security, and it hasn't failed me yet. But my thoughts now turn to form vs function. 1PW definitely has the form: it's a beautiful, visually pleasing, and smooth running password manager. But there are times when it has hiccups that BW doesn't have. I want to make this clear: I am not bagging on 1PW in any way. But when I run into a speedbump, I get drawn back to BW mentally, and I don't want to go back.

Some details:
I run my family IT stuff. I manage my Win10 laptop and my wife's Win10 laptop, her iPhone 10 and my Android 11 phone (Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra). We've been using bitwarden across all devices and on the web browsers as well (Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). It's not the prettiest password manager but it works.

Some areas that I would love to see 1PW improve upon, and yes, I'm using BW as my reference/baseline. Why not copy from others when it can only help your product? Nothing wrong with that, look at Apple for instance taking their GUI from Xerox:

  1. When coming across a username/password field in a web browser on my Android phone for instance: Sometimes 1PW with pick it up right away, sometimes I have to click on the field to get 1PW to pop up, and then there are times it won't pop up the autofill no matter what I do (yes, I (1) have the options set to have autofill on, permission to draw over other apps etc, and (2) have BW turned off and (3) I know that press-and-hold-and-choose-Autofill trick). With BW, if this situation occurs where the Autofill doesn't recognize fields or doesn't activate, there's always the Quick Menu icons to pick from and I'm instantly into BW, and it zooms in on the options that pertain to that webpage.

When I try to do the same with 1PW (go back to home screen, find 1PW and open it) it jumps to an A->Z alphabetized list of all passwords, and I have to type in the app/website i'm on. Meh. Kinda a drag (I know, I'm complaining). Would be nice to have a Quick Menu icon for 1PW (and I've seen this mentioned in other posts).

  1. When 1PW brings up the autofill menu, you only get the option to click on your choice of pw entries presented. And then it attempts to fill the (for instance, username and pw, from the 1PW record entry). BW instead pops up a full-screen window with a generally complete list of matches and then all PWs following that, and each entry can be clicked on to autofill OR each entry also has an ellipsis that allows any of the following choices (sorry, doing this from memory but I have it pretty well down) "View; Edit; Copy Username; Copy Password; Copy TOTP; ..." It's just a greater amount of flexibility.

I'm going to hold right here as I've typed way too much already. Again, I want to make it clear, not bagging on 1PW. Interface is beautiful. Just would like to see it improved (well, IMHO) and why not take the lead from other top performers?

I do understand that the staff and leadership of AgileBits have a vision for their company, and maybe they're not as concerned or focused on Android at this time. Totally understand; you can't be everything to everyone. I can be patient; I'll keep trying 1PW for now, see if it'll work, and if not I'll take a break and come back in 6-12 months.

Thank you for allowing me to post my comments and thoughts. Boy do I want this to work! :)


  • sorry for my MEGA photos, didn't see any options for constraining size when jpg's uploaded :\

  • Another issue: changed my master password on my Laptop this am, but that didn't sync across all platforms and now i have to dig out the old password to open 1PW on every device (along with my Yubikey). That doesn't seem a correct way to do things; when that master password is changed it should instantly be changed across all of the family members and devices. Heaven forbid I didn't keep track of the prior master password (in BW) :(

  • And here I am trying to log into Etsy; I logged into 1PW, and now I'm clicking repeatedly on the pw field and ... nada. Nothing pops up.

    I refreshed the screen, had the 1PW entry staring at me but no love. So I manually typed in the email address, went to the next screen where it asked for my password, the 1PW entry is there again, but click as I may.... nothing. Sad me. I wish I had time to trouble shoot this more (running 1PW on Opera, most current versions of both), but I don't. I tried. I'll check back in 6 mo or so. Thanks.

  • ag_audreyag_audrey

    Team Member

    Hey @FrankBreech, thank you for giving 1Password a chance. We really appreciate that you're trying to make 1Password work for you, and I'm sorry that you've had to try so hard!

    Let me first start off by saying that Autofill on Android is very tricky, because we are not the only involved party. When Autofill doesn't work as expected, it can be due to how a browser or app is developed, due to their specific sign-in page and how it's coded, due to the Autofill service itself not detecting the fillable fields and letting us know, or due to us doing something incorrectly. This is why you may see different behaviours and issues in different apps and sites. When issues arise, we test them out and report them to our developers, so they can further investigate. That's why we really appreciate when you bring these filling issues to our attention.

    As I mentioned in another post that you've commented on, I can't speak for the way Bitwarden works, but we superbly appreciate your input in comparing the differences so we can work on improving Autofill. Again, our development team has been working extensively on Autofill improvements for a while now, and I can't wait until these amazing changes are released! I don't have a date just yet, but hopefully it'll all be available before you check back in :)

    Another issue: changed my master password on my Laptop this am, but that didn't sync across all platforms and now i have to dig out the old password to open 1PW on every device (along with my Yubikey). That doesn't seem a correct way to do things; when that master password is changed it should instantly be changed across all of the family members and devices.

    I apologize for the confusion. Your 1Password data is encrypted with your Master Password and can only be decrypted with your Master Password. Whenever you change your Master Password, you'll need to finish changing your Master Password in each of the 1Password apps. You'll still be able to access the local cache of each 1Password app using your old Master Password, but the apps won't sync to your account until you finish updating your credentials in each app.

    For 1Password for Windows, here's how you can change your Master Password within the app:
    1. Open and unlock the Windows app using your old Master Password.
    2. Click the red authentication error banner.
    3. Sign in with your new Master Password.

    I hope that helps clarify everything. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with :)

  • Well thank you for such a generous and helpful reply! Sorry android is so wonky, but then again so am I I suppose. If you could be so kind and delete the end part of my last post, it's not helpful for anyone. I will certainly be checking back and appreciate this great forum/community!

  • ag_audreyag_audrey

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    @FrankBreech, you're very welcome. I'm so happy I could help! I've deleted your last comment in this thread as you've requested.

    Let us know at any time if you have any further questions :)

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