Suggest pinning, and removng when invalid of information on core topics

Just a suggestion that if something is pinned when valid and of equal importance that it is removed when not valid, on core items that are identified, you decide what's important, obviously predominance of users issues, you do that already.
I can read a lot but the natural dynamics of charges, does my head in, at times I'm not clear on what I should expect since some of the forums are time dependent.
A memory is only useful if you can also forget, there are too many previous items that are not relevant to your products evolutionary and natural development in the forums now, sorry.

A direct email perhaps is more effective, which is what I prefer.



  • Why do I prefer an email, well because the latest information hopefully is effectively enfolded within that person, so the answers I get are more relevent, I don't need to read outdated info.
    It's also a little bit interactive.
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    I'll double-check that all the pinned information is up to date, but I think I generally do a good job of maintaining these forums. Was there something specific to which you were referring? Please include a link.

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    We are always here to help. :)
  • No, all I was trying to say, but badly was:
    Items pinned should be core important and frequently recurring issues, notes giving the latest information on that subject.

    It's just that if you read through the rest of the forums, there is a mix of of out of date information naturally due to changes in the product and the way things are now done, completely natural of course. Its an evolving product but I sometimes get to a point of not being sure about what the latest state is.

    It may be only few common recurring issues, that you have replied several times to, I and others would go there first, read that and see if it's answered there.
    It may only be a few recurring issues, pin and look there first, save you time ?, but kept up to date, and always true,

    Perhaps items like:
    Dropbox, synching, or resetting, versus local synching.
    Latest updates for extensions, links.
    Security notes, background, previous discussion, links.
    Common troubleshooting links, issues.

    Yes of course I use the search feature provided and pour through all the info, that normally answers things, before I need to go further.

    Yes and I use the email to flag mainly support issues. I have always found the responses good and to the point, I prefer to reply back so you do get feedback on any conclusions as well.

    Your blogs as well, contain a lot of useful information.

    Im starting to settle down with issues after the initial exposure to your product, a lot of issues have been resolved.


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    Thanks for the feedback! We'll try to do better. Please do let me know if there is anything else I can help with in the meantime. :D
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