Unable to import csv file on Windows

I use Norton Identity Safe on Windows, but I just got an IPad and was interested in trying 1Password on it and maybe switching. I read that I could not do an import with 1Password on the IPad, but I could import a csv of my logins and passwords on Windows. So I exported from Norton and tried to import into 1Password, but I only get 3 wierd characters in the dropdown boxes and no data. The first line of my csv file is as follows:


the rest of the file looks like valid comma separated data. I can open them and read them in excel, notepad, and Editpad Pro

The import looks like the attached

I am running Windows 7 64-bit on a laptop.



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    Welcome to the forums, kbradfor! Thanks for trying 1Password. It looks like a possible encoding issue. I just created a sample file in Notepad that looks like this:

    http://example.com/,testusername,testpw,Title Here,groupingthis,extrafluss

    And then mapped the fields like this:


    This is what 1Password imported:

    Try re-saving the file in Notepad (File > Save As) to a new file with UTF-8 encoding and see if that helps.
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