Fingerprint unlock doesn't stay enrolled on Samsung Galaxy S21

I've looked around and I don't think I've seen this particular issue in another thread. My wife has enrolled biometric unlock using the fingerprint scanner for her Galaxy S21 multiple times, and every time the app eventually goes back to requiring the master password. It seems to be acting as if the biometric unlock were the same as a PIN.

Does the fingerprint scanner on the S21 not meet the same security standards or something? Are we perhaps not tweaking the settings just right? I know from my device and other threads around the forum that once biometric unlock is enabled, it should not require the master password again without circumstances that are more extreme than regular, everyday use.

Because it isn't my phone and her work keeps her pretty busy, I'm hoping for some help on the best way to troubleshoot this so I can effectively figure it out without being too much of a bother to her. Or, if it is just the nature of her S21, then I'm hoping for advice on some "best practices" options to make unlocking 1Password more convenient for her.

The app version is 7.7.7

Her phone is running Android 11


  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello @rit42 Thanks for reaching out to us!

    As you mentioned, once Biometric unlock is enabled, you should only need to enter your account password under a few circumstances.

    To start troubleshooting, you and your wife can try the following:
    1. Remove all fingerprints from device settings (not just the fingerprint used to Unlock 1Password).
    2. Restart the device.
    3. Add fingerprints back to device settings.
    4. Open 1Password, navigate to Security and turn Biometric unlock.

    An option to reduce the amount of times your wife will need to unlock 1Password is to turn Lock on exit off from Settings > Security. With Lock on exit off, 1Password can run in the background without needing to unlock it when switching between apps. However, if 1Password is closed completely the account password or biometrics will still be needed to unlock.

    Let us know if your wife is still experiencing unexpected behavior with her Android device. We are happy to help look into it further!

  • Thanks @ag_timothy , as soon as we can carve some time out to run though the steps, we'll give it a shot. We first tried to set it up as she was doing the initial setup for her phone, and 1Password was the first fingerprint unlock that she set up. We'll try starting over and see if that does it.

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hello @rit42 thanks for following up!

    Sometimes all it takes is a reset as I described. If there is still an issue after you find the time to try those steps, just let us know!

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