Dumbest question about 1Password iOS ever...?

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On my late model iPhone running current version of iOS, I fire up an app which presents me with a login page containing Username and Password fields along with a Log In button.

I tap in the Username field which brings up the [key icon] Passwords heading above the keyboard overlay.
I tap Passwords and Face ID scans me, approves my access to 1P secure data, and sends me to All Vaults.

Am I then supposed to root through the hundreds (possibly thousands) of entries listed there for the specific one I need to supply me the required Username and Password info needed to log in? Why isn't 1Password going right to the correct entry and autofilling it for me?

As you can probably tell, I mainly use 1Password on my MacBook Pro via Chrome with integration turned on. Is iOS operation that much different? Thanks in advance for helping me scale the learning curve.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @williakz

    On properly designed apps, we do exactly as you say: matching Login items will be shown. When the app hasn't been properly designed/updated to support Apple's Password AutoFill the best we can do is show all items. You can search, when this happens, instead of scrolling through all of them.

    This is what app developers need to do in order to work properly with AutoFill:

    Supporting Associated Domains | Apple Developer Documentation

    I hope that helps!


  • williakzwilliakz
    edited August 28

    Thanks @Ben. I should've known when I was informed by the app that I needed to change my password as a whole 6 months(!) had elapsed since I first installed it on my phone. Of course the password requirements are: 1 uppercase min, 1 lowercase min, 1 number min, no symbols allowed, total of 8 chars min—15 max. They must've lured their programmer away from a bank.

    I'll send the cited developer doc up the flagpole and see who shoots it down...

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