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I have the following item stored in 1Password:

I'm able to find it typing "Ope" into the searchbox. But using any other part of the name like "weather" or "map" doesn't find anything. "Show all matching items" doesn't work either. Search seems to be limited to the beginning of the item's name. This is a major drawback compared to version 7.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @viswiz

    Thank you. I've added the information you shared here to the issue we have open about this. I admit to not having a full and complete understanding here, but some of the comments from our developers indicate that this is a larger technical challenge than it appears to be on the surface. Without the correct underpinnings, we could easily clobber international / foreign language support. At least, that's my take. Hopefully they'll be able to figure something out. As you say, it works as expected (at least for English strings) in 1Password 7 for Mac.


    ref: dev/core/core#9056

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    A small update from development (already! 😁):

    If the item had been named "OpenWeatherMap" it would be searchable.

    I confirmed this with my own OpenWeatherMap item, and after renaming it as such it is found when searching for either 'weather' or 'map'. As an aside, it appears that is the correct case for the website, based on the title they set:

    Сurrent weather and forecast - OpenWeatherMap

    Again hopefully we'll be able to find a better solution here in the future but I hope that workaround helps for now.


  • @Ben any estimate when the search might get fixed? In 1Password 7 I've used search a lot so it became an integral part of my workflow. I know version 8 is in early access and it might be hard to estimate when a fix might be ready but the faulty search is a deal breaker for me and I'm about to switch back to version 7.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    No immediate plans for changes in this regard I'm afraid. It sounds to me like there is a fair bit of foundational work to be done, and if we aren't careful we could very easily break our international support, so this will be a long term project with lots of testing involved.

    One of the links that was provided to help illustrate some of the challenges was:

    All sorts of things you can get wrong in Unicode, and why


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