Autofill Game Launcher-logins

This one is mostly for the developers of 1Password. A neat feature for you to add would be autofill for gamelaunchers like steam, epic games, (blizzard) and origin. I personally mostly need it for steam. For security reasons i don't have autologin on steam enabled for security reasons.

That was all, have a great evening.

1Password Version: 8.2.2
Extension Version: 2.1.3
OS Version: Windows 11, insider preview.


  • Hi @kriand0907 !

    You could try to use Quick Access. Just press STRG / CTRL + UMSCH / SHIFT + SPACE, search for Steam, press STRG / CTRL + O to open entry in a new window and drag & drop the credentials into the login fields of Steam.

    This should work. :)

  • Thank you, @DenalB ! I didn't know i could drag username and password fields to text inputs!
    That wil do for now.

  • Great @kriand0907 ! Glad that I could help. Have fun! :)

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