Incorrectly retaining Secure Input

I haven't been able to determine exactly when this happens, but I've run into an issue where 1Password will cause Secure Input to be enabled, even after it's no longer active. (This would be mostly fine except it causes issues with programs like Keyboard Maestro and SteerMouse.)

I think it might start after filling on a webpage, when it prompts me to hit OK to fill the item? I'm not sure; I will update if I am able to figure it out any further.

1Password Version: 8.2.2
Extension Version: 2.1.3
OS Version: macOS 11.6


  • ag_Gabrieleag_Gabriele

    Team Member

    Hello @timothymh, I recently worked on this feature. Would you be willing to share a bit more information to help us pinpoint this bug?

    Based on your description so far, it sounds like you are using the extension. When activating the extension, do you get a Touch ID prompt? Or do you have to enter your password on the desktop app's lock screen?

    We currently activate Secure Input only when a text field of any kind is focused within the desktop app. It might be getting stuck in the "on" state when you switch back to the extension.

  • Hi! I authenticate with Touch ID.

    Armed with the information you said, I tried various things to attempt to reproduce the effect manually, including (with Touch ID enabled and disabled) saving new logins, unlocking 1Password from the browser, editing a login in 1Password and quitting, and nothing caused the bug to occur. (It happened accidentally earlier today, though.)

    I will try to pay attention, and check regularly to see what might be triggering the issue.

    Besides that, is there any other information I can provide for you?

  • ag_Gabrieleag_Gabriele

    Team Member

    Thanks! Please let me know if you run into it again. What do you use to check if Secure Input is enabled?

    In previous testing Secure Input would always get disabled when the app moved to the background, but maybe there's a timing issue of some sort.

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