Minimum node size on Azure for the SCIM bridge?

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Step 3.2 on Deploy the 1Password SCIM bridge on Azure Kubernetes Service says:

The SCIM bridge only requires a “Standard B2s” VM size.

With 2 vCPUs and 4GiB of memory, this seems a little excessive for my 5 users, especially at $30.368/month (pay as you go) or $17.7536/month (1 year reserved, can you even do this with Kubernetes?).

Anyone successfully running with less resources?

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    Hello, and thank you for writing in.

    You might be able to get it to run on as little as 2GiB and 1vCPU, however, we've not extensively tested it on clusters of that size. The main issue I can see is when Kubernetes performs its rolling automatic upgrade and has to offload containers to a single node. It might end up without enough resources to run both redis and the SCIM bridge on the same node.

    You can certainly give it a shot, and if you do, please let us know how it goes. We'd definitely be interested in recommending options to our customers that save them some money with the SCIM bridge. I'll also see if I can make time to test it internally as well.

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