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I've been reading your blog about the latest security changes, and I applaud your efforts to keep up to date with current cryptography. However, I'm reading that you're removing the 4-digit Unlock Code from 1Password Pro on the iPhone, due to weak security and general confusion from customers.

I use a very strong master password, which is super annoying to type on the iPhone. It requires switching between several keyboards multiple times, and my fat fingers can't get it right sometimes and I have to start over. Please don't force me to do this, as it'll actually diminish security by encouraging me to choose a simpler password due to the iPhone's limitations.

About 90% of the time I use the iPhone 1Password app, it's to find forum passwords, check my kids' grades, log in to order ballet tickets or pizza, and other minor things of this nature. I use the 4-digit low security password for these items because it's convenient and the repercussions of having these cracked are very minor. In other words, I'm using the Unlock Code for its designed purpose.

Can you make the Unlock Code an option instead? I'd even argue to put it on the iPad app as well. The alternative is that I, arguably an ideal informed user, will feel encouraged to choose a less secure master password.

Also, can you please let me know which version of the iPhone app gets rid of the Unlock Code, so that I can avoid applying that update as long as possible?

Thanks for listening!


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    Hi byenne,

    First of all let me apologize for not getting back to you for such a long time. I was traveling, switched computers, and didn't have things properly set up for keeping track of things to do. So I'm afraid that your message fell through the cracks until I got to my desktop computer.

    Although we are definitely going to revise the whole unlock-code business, the new structure should still work well for you. Because you should still have the ability to set the behavior and necessity of unlock code and master password.

    One thing that I have done with my master password on the iPhone is set it to a fairly long list of words (separated by spaces) but all using symbols that are found on the default keyboard. That is, I make it long, but easy to type. As long as the words are chosen truly at random, this allows you to have a strong, memorable, and easy to type master password.

    You can see more of what I mean be randomly chosen words here:


    I can't absolutely promise that the new system will do everything that you want, but I hope that you will give it a real try.


  • It'd rather not have the two extra passwords for the iPhone app imposes. I like the one, common master password as i done on the iPad version.
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    Welcome to the forums, afl! Thanks for letting us know. I think you may get your wish. :)
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