iOS 15.1.1 share function has no options to adjust.

iOS 15.1.1, iPhone 13 pro, 1Password app’s new share function is present but has no options. Clicking share brings up a warning about sharing and then takes you straight to the choice of email, text, etc. There is nowhere to get a link, set expiration, etc. Is this because I am someone who still purchases 1Password instead of paying monthly membership?


  • rudyrudy

    Team Member


    That is correct, the share link mechanism is only available with a 1Password membership. Standalone vaults only have access to AirDrop/email/messages as sharing options.

  • It’s really getting to be time to ditch 1Password. I’ve been a customer for years struggling to maintain some freedom and autonomy from the chains of the subscription model. You guys should be embarrassed. I’ve paid for my app and my desktop version. Why punish me for that?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I'm sorry we've made you feel that way, @Aguirre. 🙁 As a company we have decided that membership is the way forward for 1Password though, and so if that is not something you're interested in then 1Password may not be the best solution for you. There are a number of benefits to membership that you may want to consider, though:

    About 1Password membership

    Additionally we are offering 50% off the first 3 years of membership for customers who have previously purchased a standalone license. If that is something you'd be interested in please drop a note to our migration specialists at [email protected]. Whatever you decide I hope you end up with a password management solution you're comfortable with and confident in. If there is anything further we can do to assist in that decision making please let us know.


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