temporary reveal password with alt key

One the features that I love on the Mac is that I can temporarily reveal a password just by pressing the alt key. Is there any way to do that on the new 1Password 8 for Windows?

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  • Hi @burnwa:

    Glad to hear you're enjoying 1Password 8 for Windows! Pressing Ctrl+R will toggle revealing password fields off and on, rather than a hold.


  • Fabulous!  That completely satisfies my requirement. Thanks for the speedy response (as usual with 1Password support).

    The first time I started 1Password 8, I hated it because everything was so big. Then I found zoom and loved it. It is beautiful.

    Unfortunately, I can't transition off of version 7 yet. Once I installed version 8 it seemed I needed the newer browser extension. A couple of usability issues make that extension too hard for me. Maybe it was user error, but it seemed like it didn't remember my last vault selection when I started the browser. I know this might seem trivial, but I restart my browser all the time. Since I don't use the in-field functionality (I find it too jarring and in the way), I'm always using the toolbar popup. The popup's font is too big, the window is too small, and it's not resizable. I wish it had zoom like the desktop app. I tend to use the browser extension more than the desktop app, so the extension's usability is paramount.

    It seems you can't have versions 7 and 8 installed at the same time. (Please correct me if that's wrong.) So, I'll just do test installs of version 8 and the new extension now and again to see if things improve. I am looking forward to using 8 full time. I'm also looking forward to the Mac release since that's my main platform.

    Yikes! I hijacked my own thread!

  • Hey @burnwa:

    Glad to hear that works for you. As you noticed, 1Password 8 is only compatible with our newer extension. 1Password 7 and 1Password 8 additionally cannot be installed at the same time on Windows. You mentioned that the in-line menu is too jarring and in the way, is disabling it so that it only shows when you click the 1Password icon in a field a workable option? To do this, disable the setting "Show autofill menu on field focus" in 1Password in the browser's settings. Let me know if that's a workable option for you!


  • Thanks Jack,

    Yes, I've already disabled it. That leaves the web page design unaltered. I need that especially when I 'm fine tuning my own web page designs.

    That still leaves me with the extraordinarily large but effectively itty, bitty toolbar window. 1Password 8 is quite beautiful. I'm looking forward to the extension catching up.

  • @burnwa:

    Thanks for your feedback on how 1Password 8 is looking! :chuffed:

    As a workaround, would the currently existing "Open in New Window" functionality be useful for you?

    This opens the 1Password pop-up in a new window where it can be resized. Let me know!


  • Thanks for your continued interest in my happiness, Jack!

    Once I open that new window, the "Autofill" is gone; it's replaced with "Open & Fill". So, it's really not much better than using the main 1Password application; I would just use search in that to find what I want.

    I think a reasonable question is why "Open in New Window" ends up opening something that is actually different in the way just described. "Open in New Window" should mean "Open this in a New Window"; it shouldn't mean "Open something kind of like this in a New Window". In the spirit of Principle_of_least_astonishment, I did find it astonishing that the "Autofill" disappeared.

    You know, I've watched Marie Kondo and I've decided to take her advice. The main 1Password 8 application sparks joy; I'm happy to open it. The extension doesn't spark joy.

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