Feature Request: Multiple vaults unlocked at once

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I'm using the Linux Desktop app and the Firefox extension and I have 2 accounts signed in (personal + work).
The problem I'm facing is that I cannot have both accounts unlocked at the same time.
This means that if I login to website A with credentials stored in my personal account vault and then want to login to work website B, I first need to lock 1Password via the browser extension, repress Ctrl+. in order to input the password for my work account and use my work vaults.
On other OSes ( I also use macOS with TouchID), once 1Password is unlocked I have access to all the vaults from both my accounts.

Although I admit this is a minor inconvenience (1 extra click + password input), it would be nice if I could have both my accounts unlocked at the same time.

1Password Version: 8.4.1
Extension Version: 2.1.4
OS Version: Arch Linux


  • SavanniSavanni

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    Hi, @Link512.

    For clarification, if you open the 1Password desktop application, are you able to unlock a second account without locking the original one? You would do that from this menu:

    If you click on the account that is locked, you should get an interface to unlock that account, and then both should remain unlocked until you lock 1Password.

    If you want to unlock multiple accounts at once on Linux, they either need to have the same password, or you need to unlock each one manually and have fingerprint identification enabled. After unlocking the accounts, until 1Password restarts, all will unlock at the same time when you use the fingerprint reader.

  • Link512Link512
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    Ah, I understand. So on macOS the fact that I have TouchID enabled automatically unlocks both accounts, whereas on Linux I have to manually unlock them when I start 1Password. Thank you for the clarification

  • SavanniSavanni

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    Yes. If you have the Linux fingerprint reader enabled, we can use that to unlock multiple accounts at once so long as you haven't quit 1Password. This has to do with credentials that we have to save about each account, and Linux doesn't provide us with a good place to safely persist those credentials.

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