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I have set up a shared vault and added my wife. She has been confirmed and added 1password to her safari browser. She can only sign in with my master password that gives her access to private vault. I only want her to have access to the new shared vault. How do I fix it?
All this is complicated by my including her in a shared vault in 2018. She never chose to use it and we forgot her password. Now we agree she needs to use 1passsword so I deleted Shared vault, set up new shared vault,deleted her account and re-invited her to join. She did and I confirmed her. She chose a new password which does not work in her Safari browser-only my master password works.
I use chrome on a MacBook OS 10.14.6. My wife uses Safari on Mac 10.13.6.
Thanks for your help

1Password Version: 7.9.3
Extension Version: 2.1.4
OS Version: see above


  • ajahnajahn
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    When you say you set up a shared vault, are you talking about a vault that is not the default family shared vault (that every family member shares by default? If so, I did the same thing. I created a vault called "Parents" and only invited my wife (kids not allowed). When your wife accepted your family invite, she should have been asked to create a password. Did she do that? When you log in to your (web) account, do you see your wife as a family member? Does it also show that she has accepted your invite?

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    It sounds as if you may be using your account on her device and not her's. You'll need to have her signed into her account. She should have her own Password Secret Key, which would be set up within the app. You'll likely need to sign out of the account on her device and then sign in under her's.

    As always, make sure all of the is available on and ensure you have a copy of the 🚒 Emergency Kit's in your situation

    Once again, thanks for the assist ajahn, it's greatly appreciated.

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