Can't start 1Password Windows client, can't uninstall

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Since the 27th of December I've been unable to use 1Password client for Windows (Chrome extension works fine). I realized it when suddenly I couldn't use the keyboard shortcut to open the client, and I saw that the client wasn't open. Apparently there was some update in that date? (All my 1Password files seem to be modified from that date).

I've been trying to open the client manually both with and without admin perms from AppData\Local\1Password\app\8 but it doesn't open (or it doesn't stay open). Similarly, I thought about uninstalling the client and installing the latest version, but I'm unable to uninstall the client (neither from the usual uninstall Windows setting nor Control Panel uninstall option).

Similarly, I can't install from the latest installer because I get two windows when I open the installer: first, I select that yes, I want to install 1Password. Secondly, I get the prompt that another 1Password installation has been detected, and if I want to open that one. If I select yes, nothing happens. If I select no... nothing happens either. I'd say, the installer could use the typical option to "modify, repair or uninstall" the current installation, the current options don't help me at all to just "reinstall".

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1Password Version:
Extension Version: 2.1.4
OS Version: Windows 10


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    Hi @Shadark:

    This definitely isn't the experience we want you to have. Are you still currently running into issues? If you are, we can collect some diagnostic information from you manually. Let me know!


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